Recording Drums

All the recording has been finished up with for the new CD. The last of the drums were done yesterday with a new drummer and recording went like a breeze. I should be finishing up mixes by thursday and getting the last of the surround sound mixes done friday or monday. Then it’s off the mastering house.

Obviously I’m busy over the weekend with the video shoot for the song All The Things. It’s an exciting week to say the least.

I’ve quietly put “A Natural Leap Forward” up on CDbaby. Right now it’s custom copies of the CD and DVD with the full artwork. So it should be making it’s way onto iTunes and other services very soon.

Two other pieces of the puzzle are falling into place too, in the publicity and booking departments we have some great interest happening. So keep your fingers crossed. Also in process of writing a business plan to raise the capital to do a proper campaign with the new release.

Come back again.

Finishing Mixes

A minor web update for ya…

Currently finishing up the mixes for the new CD/DVD. Doing the Surround Sound mixes. Oh my, I LOVE Surround Sound!!! I’m making extra sure these sound stunning. Shooting a video for the song All The Things on April 4th.

Things are moving ahead as planned.

A little bird has told me that Apple will be posting the rest of my CD’s to iTunes in the near future. The never been released “A Natural Leap Forward” will make it’s way onto iTunes in the near future as well.

BTW – there is a seller on ebay selling a copy of E.A.R. Apparently in mint condition. Go get it for a super cheap price from him, if you’re interested.

Stay tuned.

iTunes Music Store

I’m on iTunes Music Store. Click the links for the amalgam CD or just browse my name in the iTunes search window. Still waiting on the whole catalog to show up.

In light of my finally arriving on iTunes after being historically the first non-signed artist to be brought to iTunes. I’m announcing here that the Amalgam CD – Delicate Stretch of the Seems is about to be sold out of physical copies. There are about 30 copies left that can be purchased via After that they will become collector’s items.

Now the differences between the Physical version and the Digital version:
1. The Physical Version contains a bonus 16th track that the Digital version does not have.
2. The Digital Version has been re-mixed and re-mastered. Thus providing a better sound excursion.

But don’t take my word for it. Go listen at iTunes, you’ll hear the difference. So when those 30 copies go bye-bye it will be out of print and only available on your favorite digital download site.