Weed Music

Its Friday and I’m feeling a bit crazy! Well, maybe I’m not really crazy, but I have been doing some research into a new digital file format called WEED. Now you must be asking yourself, what is WEED? Glad you ask. Weed files are a nifty new version of WMA files. They are 192k mp3’s that have some kind of special digital rights. How does it work? you ask. Well, essentially the same as any other WMA file. It may require you to upgrade your WMA player. But once you have, you can play any weed file only 3 times for free. That’s right, get to hear any weed file 3 times for free. After the third time you press play, you’ll be asked to pay for the song in order to hear it more.

Now, this gets even better, me as the artist gets paid when you purchase the song. However, you, the music fan, have the oportunity to make money off this as well. How do I MAKE MONEY on a WEED file Jody? It’s easy, after you purchase the song, you can freely trade the song to your friends or on the P2P networks. Then if someone else purchases one of the songs you’ve traded – you make a cut of the sale. Its the greatest pyramid scheme ever invented – you get great music, and you can make money just for trading it (provided you trade a file you purchased).

The only drawback at the moment is that it only works on PC’s. I’m being told that Mac, and Linux compatibility of the players are coming soon.

So, while I’m off to go sing a song, you can now visit the music (Albums) page and check out the weed files and have some fun.

Oh, and the song? I’m singing a song written by CJ Vanston and a couple of his co-writers (Jon Shanks, and Johnny Elkins). Who is CJ Vanston? He’s part of the master-mind group behind Spinal Tap and A Mighty Wind. I’m excited to have been asked to sing this.

Have a great day!

National Celibacy Day

It’s November 2nd: National Celibacy Day!

October has come and gone. I’ve been working on booking a few more shows and preparing the band for the onslaught that should be starting early next year.

This week is prep week for the upcoming show on Nov. 6th. The band has it’s setlist and I’m busy getting the loops and synths ready on click tracks so we can sound extra full live. Plus I’ve got about 5 DV camera operators coming out for Molly Malones. We’ll be video taping the whole show. I’m planning on including the live footage as part of the DVD of Practical Insanity when it’s released. Also, one of the songs we’re doing on the 6th is from A Natural Leap Forward – I’ll likely turn that into a music video via the concert footage so that I can post it here on the website.

I’m also keeping the fingers crossed for Nov. 7th. I’d like to win for both songs, but the competition in each category is pretty stiff. Say a little kind word for me and who knows if enough people say it, I could walk away with a nice little addition to my house and my career.

Please keep coming back to the website to check on the new updates and shows. As things start to heat up I’ll be posting a lot more.


p.s. – due to the demand for the Frosty, Heidi, and Frank show audio, I’m making it an addition to the music page so that you can hear it all you want without searching the news archives.

p.p.s. – January 1st could bring something really cool.