End of the Year

Ah the end of the year has arrived. What a strange, twisted year it has been.

• I started off under the prospect of being signed to a major label deal. Then about-faced it into uncharted territory.
• I’ve become the first non-signed artist to be sold on digital download sites.
• I’ve finished a new CD “Practical Insanity” that will drop sometime in early 2005.
• I’ve assembled a great band that is pumped up to do a lot of playing in the new year and beyond.

January 2005 is looking to be very interesting. If certain things I’ve set into motion over the last several months come to fruition, I predict that it will mark the year that great things will happen to the music industry. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck.

To that end, I certainly wish you a fantastic New Year’s Eve and New Years! I’m going to be spending it with some great friends and someone special.

Be sure to check out the site on New Years Day 2005.

Movie Pick Of The Week: Garden State. Not exactly a brand new movie to end the year with, but it is one of the better, stranger, stronger movies I’ve seen this year. The movie is very well acted by Natalie Portman and Zach Braff. It made it’s DVD debut early this week. Do yourself a favor rent it, or better yet buy it. Then when you get finished, go do something completely original that has never been done before.


Christmas Collection

Ah, Christmas has come and gone. Did you get everything that you wished for?

I know I certainly got a few things I didn’t expect. Which ended up getting me things I certainly needed.

To top it off I’m going to be starting an all inclusive Christmas inspired collection of music for 2005. I guarantee that it will be a very definitive collection.

Looking forward to 2005.

Don’t forget to check out Jan 1st. A nice surprise will occur.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope you all have a great holiday!

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of my Holiday Song, It will come down after Christmas.


Pink Panther

Rounding that final base, about to hit the holidays! I’ve been playing in the land of the ice and snow, yippee.

Already spent some relaxing days playing in the snow, consuming some good food and seeing friends. Also been catching up on some old movies. One thing I do miss is seeing movies on TV – in case you didn’t know, I don’t own a TV, never have. Call me weird.

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of my Holiday Song, you’ve only got a few days left. It will come down after Christmas.

My movie pick of this week: The Pink Panther. This classic is still funny. Peter Sellers is a comedic genius and this movie certainly helps showcase that talent. I’m hearing through the movie grapevine that Hollywood is now making a movie about the esteemed comedian. Though the actor set to play Peter Sellers escapes me at the moment. And to re-iterate the pick from last week – if you haven’t seen the Aviator yet, GO!

Happy Holidays!


Snow and Ski

Coming into the third base of December. I’ve been making a bunch of adjustments to the new version of the website. The surprise is coming January 1st.

I’m about to take off to the land of the ice and snow for the holidays. I need a massive break from the city of angels. Of course I’ll be enjoying some time with the extended family, putting on some skis and getting into some extreme skiing. That’s right, I’m a snow freak in case you didn’t know. Keep the fingers crossed and in next years Warren Miller movie I could have a song and maybe I’ll even get a chance to be immortalized on film for skiing. You never know – of course I can dream.

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of my Holiday Song, you should. Besides I’ve been getting e-mails from people saying how good they think it is! Can’t beat that.

Here’s my movie pick for this week: The Aviator. I got to see this last night. Absolutely rivoting. I had heard of Howard Huges before, but didn’t really know much of anything about him. I’m sure much of this is glamorized for the sake of putting him up on the big screen, but what an engrossing tale. Leonardo DeCaprio does a great job. I’ve never really been a fan of his, but wow – I think there’s gonna be a good race for the Oscar this year. The special effects are amazing and at points you wonder how the hell they could make some of the camera moves they make. It’s a long movie, but I could have sat there for at least another hour.



Gig show

Ah, rounding the corner into second base of the month of December. The show at the Gig was good. The band is playing better than ever and we’re excited and getting geared up for our first show in January at the Key Club. We’ll be opening for the infamous Martha Davis & The Motels. I promise it will be an excellent show and a great way to kick off the year.

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of my Holiday Song, what are you waiting for? Its likely to be one of the most original holiday songs you’ve ever heard, and it’s pretty good to boot.

Since music is such a great gift, I think you should help out a musician and purchase some of his CD’s to give to friends (hint, hint).

Here’s my movie pick for the week: Finding Neverland. This is definitely a very moving flick. I also think it captures how creative people tend to think and see the world. Go see it, then e-mail me and let me know what you thought of it.


Happy Holiday Time

Ho, ho, ho. It’s happy holiday time. What better to start of your holiday season than coming out to my final show of the year? Dec. 7th I will be performing at The Gig in Hollywood.

Also, what else would be better than giving the gift of music? That’s right you can purchase some music by me and give it to your friends, your enemies, and even space aliens. What better than getting a choice. Do you want a single song? or maybe the whole CD? You can get if via CD Baby for the whole CD or on the Albums page you can purchase single songs via iTunes and Weed.

Oh and because I’m feeling the giving spirit. Visit: Holiday Song You are free to download that song – yes its the full thing and freely distribute that link or mp3 at your freewill.

Thanks, and happy holidays!