Voice the song

It’s official!

The song “Live Like I’m Rich” is slated to be in the movie “Material Girls” starring Hillary Duff. It will be coming out in August of 2006 from what I’m told. So if you’re a Hillary Duff fan and happen to hear my voice during a sequence in the movie where she’s riding a bus. Then you’re not hallucinating, it is my voice.

I’m still working away on the Christmas project. I’m done with the first two CD’s worth of music and only have 7 more original songs to go. Then it will be mix and master time. I’m hoping to have it ready for digital release for this year’s holiday season. I should be able to pull it off.

I’ve broken the 7,000 mark on Myspace. Still shooting to surpass 9,000 before the end of July. In fact, now I’m considering upping the goal to 10,000. Help a musician out, spread the word.

I’ve also started a blog: “Single of the Day” where I plan on showcasing a song a day (no they’re not all gonna be mine) that I really like to the rest of the world. Stop on by, check out the site, the songs, and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Superman came out today, I saw it in IMAX. Wow what a ride. I say it’s fun to watch and quite good. It really didn’t seem to be 2.5 hours long.

Have a great day.



Things are hoppin’…

Finally set an official release date for Practical Insanity. It’s currently going to hit stores on September 12th. What a long strange trip its been. I’m madly searching out investment money at this point. Essentially I have everything ready to roll but the marketing capital. The business plan summary.

The first round of advance copy CD’s have gone out to press and magazines for reviews, so those should start rolling in in a few weeks.

The Myspace numbers have been jumping. Current busting over 5100. Going for the goal of 9000 by end of July. Wanna help me get there? Tell all your myspace friends to add me. Better yet, make use of the MP3 postcards and have your message include something about myspace in it.

The song “Live Like I’m Rich” is apparently still in the new Disney movie “Material Girls” starring Hillary Duff which is due out August 25th. In case you missed that news, I was hired to sing a song a few weeks back. I went in, knocked it out and they loved it. The cool thing is its in a scene where there isn’t much talking so it’s fairly prominant.

Still working on the Christmas project. I’m hoping to get all the music done by the end of June. So I can get it sung by mid August. I’ll keep ya posted.