Mixing It Up And Down

The light at the end of the tunnel on a recent project is opening wide. A project I’ve been doing for John Michael Kane has been completed today. I’ve been mixing it up and down with a large selection of songs for John and now it’s over.

The beauty is, a lot this music will be getting heard relatively soon on sports programs and other things TV related. John is part of a library that gets his songs licensed on TV. It’s a beautiful thing.

In front of the last mix for John Michael Kane.

This particular song is called “Won’t Stand Down”. Seems like I went alphabetical in the song order or I could been saving the best for last. Either way, I’m happy, he’s happy. We’re all happy with the end result. May the music grace your ears before too long.

— Jody

Music in TV shows

While you’re wondering the time frame on the next CD, I’ve got a little fun music news. Tracks I have written are now music on TV. I can hear you in your head right now asking, hey Jody, where on TV can I hear this music you speak of. Look no further, read down this post and you’ll find out where music has been playing.

NASCAR on FOX – The Daytona 500 Qualifier
NASCAR on FOX – Subway Fresh Pit
NFL on FOX – Various games
Design Squad Nation – Various episodes
30 Clubs in 30 Days – Various episodes
Angels Live ’12 – Multiple episodes
Antonio Treatment – Various episodes
Auction Hunters – Various episodes
Bang For Your Buck – Various episodes
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ’12 – Multiple episodes
Red Wings Live ’12
Tigers Live ’12
Top 10 Right Now – Multiple episodes
WWE Raw – Multiple episodes

Internationally, I’m being heard in Canada, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Sweden and the UK. That’s via Radio and TV. Spread the word and let your friends know it’s out there.

Thanks for tuning in. If you’re not on my email list, join up and keep informed about future developments.

— Jody