“A must-see live performer.” – Maurice Starr

“[Jody’s] performances and material show lots of skill and craft without sacrificing heart or conviction.” – Music Connection magazine

“I love that song [of Jody’s]. That’s commercial. That’s a hit.” – Frosty, Heidi & Frank (97.1 KLSX FM, Los Angeles)


With his single, “Thump Thump Thump,” Jody Whitesides is poised to become a huge star. A bonafide pop star, in the grand tradition of the outsized, effortlessly extroverted men of Top 40 Radio.

There are coolly ironic artists, and there are passionate artists. Jody Whitesides is passionate. Where some pop stars might hide behind artifice or false humility, Whitesides digs in with both feet and sings to the back row. Some people were simply born for the stage, and Jody is one of those rare talents. “Thump Thump Thump” is an unabashedly bold statement, and it’s a big production.

The track took shape in four different studio environments, with contributions from studio aces Erez Gnat (drummer, Hilary Duff) and Jesse Stern (bassist, Jordin Sparks). Jody and co-producer George Leger III evoked the heartbeat sound by mixing the sounds of actual human blood circulation with those of hammers — hammers hitting wood and hammers hitting metal. In all, “Thump Thump Thump” includes over 100 tracks of audio. It’s a rich, high-fidelity sound that calls to mind the luxurious, lush, full productions of 1980s Top 40.

In an inventive studio move, Jody opted to make the tempo increase and decrease over the course of the song, to simulate the excitement of a racing heartbeat during the choruses and outro. Rather than keeping to a metronomic click track, the song races and lays back, stretching and constricting to support Jody’s emotive singing.

After initial studies at Berklee in Boston, Jody flew west to achieve his ambitions, studying at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. An LA showcase performance caught the ear of a talent scout, and soon thereafter, entertainment impresario Maurice Starr became interested as a consultant. Given Starr’s track record launching the careers of Menudo, New Edition, and New Kids on the Block, his desire to work with Jody is not one to be taken lightly.

Central to Jody’s potential is his tireless work ethic and fighter’s heart. As a former competitive athlete — in freestyle skiing, he was ranked among the top 20 in the US — he learned the tenacity and effort required to achieve his ambitions. He brings that fiery drive to the studio and the stage.

Much like Jody and his towering, 6’4” frame, “Thump Thump Thump” is no shrinking violet. It’s a brash, daring, full-court press, ready to take its polished, big-studio hooks and storm pop radio.

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