Iron Man 3 And Hero Unexpected

Iron Man 3

Oh hell yeah. Today is the day that Iron Man 3 opens in theaters. As rockstars go, I’m an Iron Man geek. The first Iron Man is likely my favorite superhero movie of all time. Robert Downey Jr. has been the perfect choice for Tony Stark – no if’s and’s or but’s. The right amount of wit, sarcasm, narcissism, and fun = pure entertainment. Thus I decided to put my little cap on and mash up the video of the early trailers for Iron Man 3 and added Hero Unexpected as the soundtrack.

Here’s my result:

Why would I do such a thing?

The answer is: for fun.

However, there’s another reason, that reason is, I’ve had numerous industry friends tell me that Hero Unexpected would be perfect for superhero movies, but in particular it’s this movie they cite – you should have it in Iron Man. Mind you, it’s not for a lack of effort to get it in the movie(s). Well, for the first one it was. For the second one, the song did get into the hands of the music supervisor – who apparently really loved the song. For whatever reason the stars weren’t aligned for him to make use of it in Iron Man 2 and instead they opted to roll with AC/DC’s Highway To Hell.

At some point I believe Hero Unexpected will make the jump to the big screen. Until then – enjoy this video mashup of Iron Man 3 (and some Iron Man 2) clips as edited to tell the story of Hero Unexpected. Share amongst your Marvel friends and fans as well.

Iron Man 3

*** UPDATE ***

I wanted to reserve judgement on Iron Man 3. Mostly because between Iron Man and Iron Man 2 – my favorite was Iron Man. Having now seen Iron Man 3, I believe I have a new favorite with Iron Man 3. Holy shit, this movie had it all (with minimal flaws). Action, humor, and great visuals. I did see it in IMAX 3D, which is something I only do if I’m a real fan of the franchise – as I normally hate 3D effects. The only movie so far where I felt the 3D was done right and didn’t irritate my eyes and give me a headache was Prometheus. While the 3D effects in Iron Man 3 were really great, there were still elements of it that gave me a headache. This was a minimal issue. If you want my recommendation – GO. SEE. THIS. MOVIE.

Facts About Goats

There comes a time in each of our lives where we have to make a change. Something that will alter our karma. Such is the case with a new movie coming out in which David Duchovny stars. One of the important facts about Goats trailer is that the music was done by me. So click in and sit back for an interesting ride about coming of age in a strange family.

I had a hand in writing both songs. The first is known as Wired (co-written with Trudee Lunden), the second is tracked as Hidden Goat an instrumental track I was hired to create for the trailer.

The really amazing thing is that this trailer was released quite recently during the Sundance Film Festival. To add more trivia to the pot, there’s already several “remixes” and repostings of the trailer around the web. That concludes my little report on facts about Goats.


p.s. – if you’ve seen the movie, or do see the movie, let me know. I’ve yet to see it.

Father Of Invention

There’s an adage that states, better late than never. That is part of the story line behind this movie. Those words also fit the fact that I didn’t post this sooner. What this means is it’s my first appearance on Apple’s trailer website. I couldn’t be happier in that I did all the music for this trailer of Father Of Invention starring Kevin Spacey.

Here’s the link: Father Of Invention <- to the page at Apple’s Trailer Website.

If you’re more inclined to see it right here, then look below.


p.s. – if you’ve seen the movie, let me know. I’ve yet to see it and I’m a fan of Kevin Spacey.

Get Your Pussy Cat Doll Exercise On

Who among us doesn’t want to get into better shape? Of course there’s a multibillion dollar industry geared towards fancy gadgets and pills to help lose weight and to look better naked. That’s the whole point right? To look better naked? I think so.

For those of us who prefer to workout at home while looking at hot women, there’s a new exercise regimen. This one is by the creator of the Pussy Cat Dolls. Ok, this program isn’t geared towards men per se, but it’s certainly worth watching your woman get into better shape right?

Why do I know about this?

That’s why.

I did the music for this little trailer. So get your PCD dance on and enjoy your way to a hotter figure!