Baltimore Orioles Fans Get It

Baltimore Orioles Fans Get It

I don’t know if this is really something I need to admit to Baltimore Orioles fans right now, but… I’m pretty sure I’ve never been to Maryland. I suppose I could ask my parents if they ever took me through the state as a wee little toddler. Somehow I’m going to figure the answer is no. Mostly because they were from Utah and brought me into the world via New York.

Don’t kill me. I do intend to visit sometime in the future. It’s part of my life list to visit all 50 states, I’ve been to and through many states, but Maryland has somehow still escaped me. This doesn’t mean it’s not in my heart as I’m well aware that Fans of the Orioles are snatching up their version of Do You Want To Play for the Orioles. This gives me added incentive to get there. Believe me it does. Hell, I’ll even put it out there that the peeps in the Baltimore Orioles front office should consider bringing me in for a first pitch situation and a possible 7th inning stretch song performance. That would be something Orioles fans would dig right? Seeing a musician attempt to toss a strike and then sing their team’s song, yes?

What would give me an added and more urgent sense of making that visit is to be invited to toss out the opening pitch, especially if it’s tied to performing the song for their awesome fans. It would be a special treat for everyone involved, plus I’d get the added bonus of seeing their lovely state.

Until then I’ll hold a little bit of warmth knowing that Oriole fans are diggin the song and showing it off to their friends when they buy Do You Want To Play – Baltimore Orioles. Enjoy their season.

baltimore orioles

Go ahead and comment below to let me know where you first heard Do You Want To Play – Baltimore Orioles. Then go on to tell me where in your great state I ought to visit to get a true taste of the culture that defines Maryland. Even better if you tell people how much you love the song. If you’ve not heard your team’s song, do it here via iTunes or here on my music page.

Atlanta Thrashers And Their Song

Bear with me my friends. I’m gonna embark on a little sports journey here over the next several days. I’m wanting to give a shout out to all the fans of different teams that are picking up their favorite team’s version of my song. This installment features none other than the Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL and their version of Do You Want To Play.

It’s been over a year since I’ve had the chance to get out to live hockey game. Sad but true. I do intend to get to one in this next season – not in the cards for me to do it now.

I’m not sure if the Thrashers or any NHL team has an opening ceremony type of thing they do, but if they do, I’m putting it out to the Thrashers that I’d like to open a game for them and even sing Do You Want To Play. Let’s make it happen.

Thanks to the Atlanta Thrasher fans for picking up the song – may you enjoy it for a very long time.

Atlanta Braves Baseball And My Music

It’s been a little while since I have personally walked the streets of Atlanta. But right now I’m a carrying a little smile on my face. Seems that the Atlanta Braves version of Do You Want To Play is gaining some traction there. That’s an exciting thing.

What would be super cool is if I suddenly got a call from the Braves office, where they invite me out to the field to throw out the first pitch and perform the song for all the amazing Atlanta fans.

If you’re a Braves fan and you haven’t picked up your copy of Do You Want To Play, what are you waiting for? Your friends have – it’s your turn.

Where I'm Being Found

It’s always fun to start seeing reports trickle in as to where people are buying up the music. Maybe more so now that I’ve seen Searching For Sugar Man. I don’t have the cult following that Rodriguez has, though at some point I believe I will. Until that day occurs, I will settle upon the new places I see each month for where my music is being purchased.

This past month I’ve seen the following countries taking in music by me:

South America
in the most general of terms: Europe
and of course: U.S.

No matter where you’re at, if you’re purchasing music I’ve created I’ll be grateful if you’re telling 3 friends to do the same. Your purchase of music is the type of thing that makes a musician happy they’re creating something of value.

Thank you!

Finally Song Eighteen Is "I Miss"

Doling out the news… That’s what’s happening. Since the last post about song seventeen, I’m now on the final leg of the preproduction stage. That’s the word finally song eighteen is “I Miss”.

The song underwent a bit of a transformation. I changed the rhythm of the piano part. In a way it’s a bit more simplified. It also changes it from feeling too much like a song from the 80’s in it’s rhythmic value on the piano.

Lyrically it has stayed the same. I’m positive they were right the first time.

Vocally is where the most change happened. I’ve added an insane amount of vocal harmony. Think Queen, if you’re familiar with them. It’s going to be vocally HUGE. It will be interesting to see how it vibes out in the studio with extra singers on it. I’m thinking it will have somewhere in the neighborhood of 160 tracks of vocal harmonies. Big big big.

There it is. The last song on the list for the new CD/release. Song eighteen is called “I Miss”. Now it’s a matter of hunting down that investor money. Once that happens, I’ll be heading into the studio and pumping out these tracks with pure awesomeness.

Stay tuned for another update in a few days.

Song Seventeen Finalized Is "You Can't Hear"

Call it a momentary lapse of reason. I have realized that I didn’t give a timely update on when I got the last couple of songs done. I’m writing it now, song seventeen finalized is “You Can’t Hear”.

There is no excuse. I got wrapped up in throwing together another tune for fun. I’ll give the update about that track in the new few days for sure. Mostly likely Tuesday.

For “You Can’t Hear” it got a little bit of lyric treatment. Not much. Minor tweaks and a setup for another section where I’ll be bringing in a rapper who’ll knock it out of the park.

Sonically the song is getting a bit of a makeover. I’ll be tapping a keyboard playing friend that lift the chorus to new heights rather than sticking with the clavinet part I’ve got. I believe I’ll also run with live drums on it instead of the programmed sounds it’s set with. Mostly due to the fact that it’s hybrid rap and rock.

That’s about the size of the changes there. I’ve got one more song to be talking about in regards to this next release. Stay tuned, but for now, you’re in the know with the fact that song seventeen finalized is known as “You Can’t Hear”.

Song Sixteen Finalized Is Stand My Ground

Productive day yesterday. Got a lot of calls made. Emails sent. Even got to finally sit with a bit of a tune and spruce it up. That would be why I can say song sixteen finalized is Stand My Ground.

This particular song underwent a slight transformation. I had to tweak a few of the lyrics. I felt it needed a little more cohesion in the presentation of the words. It’s now got that. Such that it remains universal and personal at the same time. Without being overly vague. Though it still has a strong sense of metaphor. Which is to say, I hope it’s not too clever in it’s telling of a story now.

The arrangement got shortened a little. I decided it didn’t need the Pre Chorus going into the second Chorus. It appears only before the first Chorus.

Sonically, I’ve made my notes of things that I wish to have happen once I hit the studio to be recording the final version. In the meantime, I’ll be sitting down to song 17 today, it’s got very minor tweaks. Who knows I might be announcing it tomorrow. Then I’ve saved the toughest song for last…

For now, you’re in the know that the sixteenth song finalized is Stand My Ground. Have an awesome day!

Song Fifteen Done Before The Super Bowl

Bing, bang, boom. Been an interesting few days with a bunch of requests for some music to fit a few commercials. Fingers crossed that at least one of them get’s pics for some of the opportunities. Yesterday I got to put the final touches on to a song that got a bit of a major rewrite lyrically. Now I have song fifteen done before the Super Bowl.

This latest in the quest for the final 18 songs is now called “Brighter Side of Success.” The original title was “Imagine Life.” Fortunately that has changed. Changed in to a much better song lyrically. Stronger. More cohesive. Also, more positive. That’s a plus. It was good to reexamine the nature of the tune and what it should have been from a lyric standpoint.

Musically, I didn’t have to change much of it at all. In fact, there were only some very minor melody/rhythm of vocals tweaks to accommodate the new lyrics. I think it was pretty darn strong musically. Though I do think I will add some stuff in the studio once all the bed tracks are tracked. Maybe a synth or two here or there. But otherwise, it’s to remain a solid uptempo pop rock style tune that stays in the bass, drum, guitar, vocal realm.

Now I can sit for a day and take in the mother of all football games – The Super Bowl. Interestingly enough on iTunes my versions of San Francisco 49’s and Baltimore Ravens “Do You Want To Play” are hot on the popular meter right now. I’m making an educated guess that fans of both teams are picking up their respective versions to pump themselves up for the big showdown!

Which team you rootin’ for? 49’s? Ravens? I’m actually more interested in the commercials and seeing huge plays. My team isn’t there, crud.

Enjoy the Super Bowl, and stay tuned for next week should see at least two of the last three, if not all three of the tunes to complete the 18 to be finalized for the recording process. Remember “Brighter Side of Success” is song fifteen done and it’s right before the Super Bowl! Hell Yeah.

Fourteenth Song Finalized Is "Things We Left Unsaid"

Gandolf the White has struck! Apparently the Weather Channel decided to start naming winter snow storms. The humor is, this one hasn’t been all that insane and yet it has a name, Gandolf. I didn’t even get to see the start of the snowing as I was holed up in the den working so I could write this: the fourteenth song finalized is “Things We Left Unsaid”. That’s right, another song into the fire from the frying pan.

This song is one of those songs that underwent a rather strong amount of changes, comparatively speaking. It got a major facelift on the lyrics so that the words were more focused. Especially the Verses. The tone of it changed from a protagonist and antagonist switch in the Verses to simply a one point of view – that really helped the focus. The Pre Chorus then got a rewrite to make that transition work going into the slightly tweaked Chorus. Mostly because the Chorus had to reflect the change coming from the verse. The other change in the Chorus came from a slight rewrite of the title. Coming from “Things Left Unsaid” going to “Things We Left Unsaid”.

Musically speaking, I decided to down-step the song a full two semitones. What brought this part of the rewrite? Well… The Verses stayed the same melodically. The Pre Chorus stayed nearly the same, there was a slight adjustment to the melody and rhythm based on the new words and wanted a better swing into the Chorus. The Chorus ended up getting an entire facelift melodically. The main reason for it was two fold. One, I wanted a way for it to stand out more from the Verses. The original version had some interesting lines but they didn’t stand too far apart from the Verses rhythmically. Now, the melody is fashioned to have a much much stronger hook. Not only rhythmically but also melodically. This is where the key change had to happen for the song. Where I took the Chorus melodically was becoming a tad to straining to sound powerful in a full voice fashion. Thus stepping the song down two semitones put it back into a range that gives the Chorus full power.

The added bonus of bringing the key down of the song is that now the guitar parts sound beefier! That helps the vibe of the groove too. I can’t explain why, but it feels way better now. Thus the fact that people liked it enough before to vote the song into the final round, now it’s become a real contender to make the final cut and be a bonafide hit.

I’m much happier with the overall state of the song. Arrangement-wise the song a way more traditional in it’s situation. However, I think once in the studio it will get a little extra window dressing. Though that comes down to how it’s reflecting once it’s finally re-recorded.

To close out for this update, I’d like to happily send you on a merry way – hopefully you’ll be one of the people to enjoy the snow, especially if you’re headed to Sundance! Until the next update (coming soon) be in-the-know that the fourteenth song to get finalized is “Things We Left Unsaid”.

Thirteenth Song Finalized Is "Jupiter Bowl"

Cue the twilight zone theme… Cause if you’re superstitious, then today is the kind of announcement you might not want to hear. However, I am not superstitious. Thus I’m A. O.K. with writing that the thirteenth song finalized is “Jupiter Bowl”.

The song is my first co-write with a musician by the name of Mark Luna. An absolutely fantastic singer and amazing writer. When we first met and chatted on the phone Mark wanted to hear some of my music before agreeing to pen a song with me. After hearing some of my original work his response was: “We could do some serious musical damage together.” That phrase sticks with me. What a compliment coming from such a talent like him.

Jupiter Bowl is not about the planet. Nor is it about a bowling alley. No. It’s about the place located atop the Park City Ski Resort.

The goal in writing the song was to capture the vibe of Jupiter in the summer. The off-season. What strikes me about this song is that Mark and I discussed every detail in the lyrics, the tempo, and the concept of the arrangement. Way more so than any other co-write I’ve ever done. It was magical. Much like my early memories of hiking up to Jupiter Bowl.

For the most part I’m sticking pretty strong to the original demo version we did. It’s so powerful despite it’s lazy acoustic nature. Then again, isn’t that what nature is? Powerful with such beauty. Again it’s another song that I can’t wait to fully realize in the studio with a group of players. Anticipation is the word!

One funny thing I can think of right now, is there there is going to be that “What the hell did he sing?” type of thing that will happen with this song. Much Like “Blinded By The Light” where people think it’s saying wrapped up like a douche, when it’s actually deuce. I know this because a couple of peeps have already said it. While I understand where they’re coming from – I do believe it’s going to be alright and I’m going to let it slide. Create the controversy!

Rounding out the beginning of the teens is the thirteenth song finalized, “Jupiter Bowl”. Until tomorrow or the next day – Stay tuned.