Summer sports

A crazy summer to be sure…
Fox Sports has been making great use of my music in the 2nd half of the MLB (Major League Baseball) season.
Tracking has finished on two projects. One involving Jesse Stern & Alfredo Herz. The other with Chris Hellstrom. Both projects are in the mixing stage. Pretty soon they should make nice additions to contracts I have in network TV.
Another track I did with Robert Navarro has been burning up the network airwaves: Not That Into You. Right now Robert and I are working on another project that should be completed by the end of September.
Love Out Loud, a track I co-wrote and produced for the artist Kavi is now in her hands. Keep an ear out for it. I’ve finished two co-writes with Claude Woods Jr. one is called Keep The Swagg Up, the other is Whipped. Two great Urban tracks that should be burning up charts in the future.
The most recent film trailer I’ve scored is: Father of Invention, starring Kevin Spacey. It’s a comedy and the trailer is out and about in the wild right now. For Apple users you can see it here: Father of Invention. For non quicktime users you can see it here: Father of Invention. I composed and produced all the music you hear in the trailer.
To top it off, I’ve been holed up in the studio feverishly finishing over 50 songs for my next release. Pretty soon I’m going to be calling upon you to help decide which of them should be definitely on it. Details on how that will work are coming soon.

Funk with Jesse Stern

It’s been a rockin start to the new year. Funk Town, a collection of funk songs written by Jesse Stern and myself was completed and has made it’s way into the land of Fox Sports. We enjoyed the process so much that we’re taking on yet another project together for some high energy progressive rock tracks. We’re collaborating with Alfredo Herz on the project as well. So far we’re two songs in and it’s been a wild ride.
If you Ping, as in iTunes Ping. You can now find me at: doesn’t get much easier than that right? Ping me.
Paying attention to the sports world according to Fox? My music is now being heard in MLB, NBA, NFL, Pac-10 College Basketball and NASCAR. Pretty soon you’ll be hearing a lot more of it at your favorite stadium.
Currently in the studio producing tracks for the artist Kavi. As well, I’ve finished co-writing and producing a track called Keep The Swagg Up with Claude Woods Jr. Also co-writing a track with Greg Watton. As well a new song recently finished with Dutch artist Latisha Von Simon called Boys In Stereo.
In the film world I’ve recently scored music and sound for trailers including, The Lost Father, Fast and Furious Five, and The Lost Medallion. More trailers coming soon.
I’m starting to make headway in finishing songs for my next CD. It’s still going to be a little bit before I head into the studio for it, but I’m planning on finally getting a new CD out before the end of the year.
Stay tuned.

Not That Into You

The quick rundown:

A song I co-wrote with my friend Robert Navarro called “Not That Into You” was recently included in a new Universal library called Burn.

I have another song actually called Burn that is about to be finished that is in consideration for another Universal library.

My own library Dancin Deer Audio is now open for business. I’ve recently hired several sales people.

I’ve started getting remixes of a new song called Thump Thump Thump. I’m really excited about them.

New endorsements include Apogee Electronics, Studio Devil, and Red Wirez.

In alternate news I was asked to give some advice to fellow musicians by my friend Derek Sivers. He was giving a talk at the infamous South by South West music festival. I video taped my advice and sent it over to him. Turns out he used it during his speech. The fun thing about it is that I’ve never been to SxSW – I’ve wanted to go. Now I’ve given a talk there and I’ve never actually been there.

Now it’s time to get back to the music making. I’ve got other musical endeavors coming on the horizon. When they’re more concrete, you’ll get it here first.

Bad Romance

A new project that I’ve been working on for a loop CD company is nearing the final stages of production. Files are being mixed and cut to be sent in. The company has heard one of the tracks already and are extremely excited. That’s a great thing.
In the meantime, I’ve recently took a little time to create a rough and dirty demo of a Lady Gaga song called “Bad Romance.” You can view the video for it right now on YouTube. Jody Whitesides, Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” cover.
Other good things are afoot and when they come to light I will share them.
Stay tuned!

Commercial music

Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you but 2008 is a year I’m happy to say goodbye to. So let’s move on to what’s already starting to cook for 2009…

I’m branching into some new musical territory. First I’ve co-written my first couple of tunes for a commercial. My buddy Robert Navarro and I did the music for two new Butterfinger spots. In addition, I was asked to do the voice over. I suppose some voice over work is also in my future.

Next, I’ve gotten hooked into a company that does film trailers. What does that mean? Well, some of my musical talent will be creating music for trailers of movies that you’ll see at coming attractions. In fact I’m already working on a little clip for a movie coming out later this year. Exciting.

Cooking up more tracks/cues for Fox Sports.

Already did my first co-write of the year, thinking way ahead to next Christmas. Yeah, I said it. Another Christmas song. This one has a lot of raw rock and a lot of humor.

Robert & I are also creating some more tracks for some other peeps. Lots and lots of music. But don’t fear, I’m still crafting the songs that I’ve been talking about. Along with doing more co-writing with Femke Weidema and a few other friends.

I’ve started to play out in Los Angeles again after a pretty sizeable stay away. This time around it’s strictly for fun until I Maurice and I get the tour thing happening.

Until next time, enjoy yourself!

Do You Want To Play

Writing, recording, writing, recording. It’s an ever going process. A stockpiling of songs I tell you. Recently in case you weren’t aware, I befriended the main peep at Fox Sports Music. Well that led to getting hooked up with the main marketing peep over at the NBA. Which then led to new versions of the song Do You Want To Play. I was asked to do a version for the WNBA and the D-League. Mind you I’m a small basketball fan, but I had never heard of the D-League.

I decided that since the song was being pulled out and done for two new versions, why not go ahead and do a version for every team in each league. The label was cool with it, so I spent the extra time knocking out versions for every single team. Yikes! It was a hefty undertaking to get it done in the short time that was request. Aside from one little snafu on the CD of the WNBA versions it all went pretty smoothly. As of now, you’ll find all three as new releases up on iTunes. Do You Want To Play – NBA Mixes, Do You Want To Play – WNBA Mixes and Do You Want To Play – D-League Mixes.

If you’re a fan of a particular basketball team, chances are there is a version of the song specifically for you! That’s right all three of these collections are now available on iTunes as songs and as ringtones for your iPhone. Actually all of my songs are now available as ringtones for iPhones on iTunes. You should very well hear this song played at live basketball games starting this season! ** Interestingly the D-League versions are already selling out of Norway. Who knew they liked minor league basketball so much?

Next year I’ll tackle major league baseball, all of the NHL, all of the NFL and major league soccer.

The touring deal is thru the next step, sitting on pins and needles awaiting word of what’s coming for the next step. I hope to have news on it within days if not a week. Keep up a good thought for me.

In the meantime, spread the basketball love on iTunes!

Stay Tuned.

Writing group

Still working on new music. Lots of it. New co-writers I’ve worked with now include Warren Sellars, Mark Luna, Steely, The Brandon James, Femke Weidema, and Robert Navarro. Great bunch. Leading to some great songs and I’m happy to be creating music with them. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a bunch of the material I’d done these artists very soon.

I’ve also been getting calls to do little acoustic shows and I’ve taken a few. So I am I out and about in Los Angeles. It won’t be regular as I’m still working on the big tour thing. In the middle of a deal right now where it’s progressed further than any deal prior. Fingers crossed this one makes it and is the real winner to getting me out on the road and on the charts where I belong.

Keep an ear out for anything on the Fox Sports Network. In the near future you’ll be hearing music I’ve created. Some may be parts of my songs. Others may be cues I’ve done specifically for Fox Sports. I’m pretty happy about that arrangement. More on it coming in August.

Until the next update, have a great day and check back soon!

Lots of co-writing

I haven’t fallen off the planet or died. I’ve been deep at work on writing a ton of new songs. I have an arsenal of roughly 50 new songs that are in pre-production for the next album once I’ve gotten the Practical Insanity tour over and done with. Speaking of touring – still working on capital for the corporation. Have 3 versions of the business plan, if you know a VC, I want you – it can make you money if you are the link to the capital.

I’ve also been doing a lot of co-writing for TV and Film with artists like Johnny Elkins, Mark Luna, Chris Hellstrom, Heather Bradley, Shairah and Aubrey Richmond. I’ve also recently connected with Don Campbell to do some co-writing with him as well.

If you haven’t heard of Steaz, you will soon. A jingle that I have written has been green-lighted for an advertising campaign for the new beverage company taking the world by storm. Amazing organic sodas and energy drinks. I can’t get enough of them. They rule!

Please continue to support Single of the Day.

And as my final announcement… I’ve finally launched Killer Guitar Lessons. It will be home to lots of useful guitar lessons from my professional guitar playing friends.

New blog

Whew, made it through some sweltering heat here in the past few weeks. It’s finally cooling off a bit and so my sanity is returning. I’m so glad President Bush really feels strongly that Global Warming isn’t true.

Vocal recording has begun for the entire Christmas project. I’m about 1/6th of the way into that step as of this morning. I’ll likely be 1/3 of the way through that part by this afternoon. It’s been interesting to finally put some references down after all this time. As surprise song to me so far has been Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

My last outing with the band and The Big Orange Crush Bus was nothing short of an amazing adventure. Everyone that has heard the story has told me they can’t believe it. Want to relive the adventure?

Single of the Day has been getting off to a very good start. Response has been amazing and I’m starting to get the hang of blogging.

The movie Material Girls with Hillary Duff has begun to be advertised in trailers. I don’t think they’re using the song in the trailer.

I’m off to go work on more of the Christmas thang. Have a great day!

More Christmas

The first video off Practical Insanity is All The Things. For the MTV / VH1 version you’ll need to log in to the Clubhouse. Not a member? Easy enough, just sign up and you can watch it, IT’S FREE to join. Otherwise there’s a live clip on your left side of the screen.

I found a way to speed up some of the process of doing the Christmas songs, so I’m going to start making better time on getting this concept done.

I had a meeting with an movie producer from India today. They’ve chosen me to help them record and mix the thematic song for the movie’s main character. It’s quite exciting, I feel so international. First doing video game work for a European Rugby game, now a song for a movie from India. Move over Bend It Like Beckham.

Movie Pick of the Week: If you haven’t heard of Green Street Hooligans, now you have. I recently heard about the movie while listening to Howard Stern. Elijah Wood was on Stern’s show promoting the movie. All I knew about it going in was that it was about football – English style, and it’s raucus fans. It was a real good movie. It reminded me a lot of my trip to England earlier this year, minus the violence. I highly recommend seeing this movie. Despite the violence and it’s relatively weak start, this movie turned out to be a very impressive story. But expect some brutality and blood.