I'm Yelling Timber

vine-timber-jody-whitesidesTimber is the word I need to be yelling as I’m finally getting my head around Twitter in a positive way that is building momentum. I’m starting to play around a bit with their video service known as Vine. As part of my New Years vows I told myself that I’d start to take more pictures on Instagram and do more videos on YouTube and start up with more Vines. So far, most of that is going well. Though I’m still working on the Vine thing and getting up to speed with creating more of them. Below is my first 6SecondCover. I recently heard this song a couple of weeks ago and really dug the hook, the flow ain’t bad either.


“It’s going down. I’m yelling Timber. You better move. You better dance.”

It was pretty fun knocking that out. In the process that took a few minutes due to my voice being nutty early in the morning. I think some ‘viral’ Vines were missed with me hacking up some phlegm. Dang it.

Thanks Pitbull & Ke$sha for a fun tune.


Trouble Figuring Out How To Describe A Song Who Do I Diss

how-to-describe-a-songEver wonder how we musicians figure out how to describe a song to others so that they’ll understand what the song is before they get to hear it? It’s important to know how to describe the sound of a song to others before they hear it. The better the description, the more enticing it becomes to the uninitiated to hear it. Catch a glimpse of us working through one of the steps of understanding the song so we can approach knowing how to describe it to you, the listener. Follow George Leger III, Jesse Stern and I as we pull apart some fine points in the studio.

The debate get a little heated, or does it? There’s definitely some laughter due to the responses we give each other. It’s an awesome what to arrive at the best method to figure out a song. BTW – who do I diss in this video? Find out!

Describe A Song


I’m just trying to think. I’ve been trying to describe this song to people I’m really not sure what to tell them. You know what I mean? Touch is very easy to describe. It’s this, this, this, and this. And I’m trying to think, what is… what is Till We Meet Again? It’s like.

Exactly! It’s that kind of a song. It’s about… wanting to be with somebody.

Right. But.

Now, the question I have for you is this person a friend, or is this a girl?

Well Jesse and I wrote it together. So maybe it was about us. I don’t know.


Is it about friendship? Or is it about romance?

Both. I think really. The passion with somebody you have, then split.

I didn’t know he felt this way about me.

Well. You know…

I feel this way about a lot of people, I just don’t tell them.

We have bromances going on left, right and center around here. You know how it is.


So anyway. I don’t know. I was just trying to figure out what we would actually call it when I go to describe it. Of course the song is not really done. But I was kinda thinking it’s like Train meets an 80’s power ballad without the soaring vocals. And a little bit bouncy.

No no no no no. I see the more like uh, like what’s his face. The guy you mention all the time.

John Mayer?

John Maher what’s that Your Body Is A Wonderland.

Yeah, there ya go.



I don’t want it to be that dated though.

Dude! Dated? Fuck that. It’s not dated or not dated. It’s the attitude that I’m talking about.

Who’s David?

It’s the vibe…


No, I’m just trying to figure out what I would

[who’s David, ha ha ha]

denote it as.

So yeah. What is it? Is it a romantic thing or is it ah, not a romantic thing.

I think it’s a longing thing.

But for what?

For someone, one person.

Well. Ok. Yeah. Ok.

That’s how I’ve always… thought of it.

That’s how I’m thinking of it.

[Yearning for love]

You know maybe it’s it’s kind of like keeping the flame alive. Maybe one day…

Yeah. Exactly.



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Studio Vocal Mystery See Who I Make Fun Of

Back in the studio. This time some video was captured that pulls back the mystery of vocals. Where George Leger III, Jesse Stern and I were discussing the fine points of doing multiple takes of the same line, using different emotions. All in the name of creating the best vocal to tell the story.  What comes out is a frank discussion between the three of us. I make fun of a movie. Then George really runs into an electric speech about vocals. Jesse (the white hat at the bottom left of the video window) provides a little comic relief along with giving George something cool. Followed by myself relating a story from a recording session with a large songwriter’s organization. Watch what we said and did. Why? Because we’re having a good time talking about what goes into a great vocal recording.

Studio Vocal Mystery


Sometimes it reminds me the movie La Bomba. Dude that sounded great twenty takes ago.

That’s you know. No I’m not arguing that I know you gotta do and every little bit and piece, I’m, I’m fully there. I just think it’s funny that the brother was like he had no concept of like, it sounded the same man. It’s like, no it didn’t.

I sometimes joke when I’m comping vocals and like go in between a few different takes, how about this one, and this one. and I just look at ’em and they’ll say, they all sound exactly the same to me. I don’t know.

We all comp different, right? Like I could give you the same data, you would come up probably… well maybe we will come up with the same. Cause it seems like we’re thinking the same way I can… sense that. But some people I mean I’ll give them a track, you comp it and I’ll comp it. I’ll come back and their comp will be totally different. You know either I go for one that has a lotta little bitty edges and stuff. Little character bits and I’ll fix, I’ll tune it if I have to. But, try to get the character stuff that makes, to me makes a vocal personable; have personality, right? And I have people that just absolutely like want the note to be perfect. That’s what they’re after. That’s all they look for. Yeah. It’s like, there’s no… Cause you can fix… today we have the technology it makes it really easy to fix the note. You can fix the pitch. But you want to get that, you know you just started to do it. Your voice broke up a couple times in the first two lines. Which is exactly what I wanted to get.

Okay. So, anyways. I go for the feel like whatever makes me feel something. Yes!

Or what makes me kinda feel like I, I don’t have words anymore. Yes. And you get that little buzz too, I get a buzz when it happens it’s like I can feel it.

Well, you’re a really good producer. It’s fun to watch you work. Oh, thank you. That’s why I like doing vocal with the man. Yeah, I wanna do vocals with him.

I, I love working. I just love producing. It’s great fun. One of the things I was actually gonna say back to the vocals n something and stuff from movies and TV shows. In Canada, when they did We Are The World here. We had a song in Canada that was produced by David Foster. You know who David Foster is right Okay, do you know who Anne Murray is? yes she’s like… She’s a Canadian superstar, right? Exactly! She’s the Canadian Stevie Nicks. Yea. Sorta. She’s an… This woman has been singing her whole fucking life. She’s a perfectionist. And she can usually do it on the first take. She’s just that good. Well he goes and the same thing kinda happened with him. She got in the first two, first or second take, but he missed it. And they had this on the video that they did of the making of the thing, right? And, in the end it was like he he basically turned to her after he went 20 takes in. Listened to the first two takes and went: I’m so sorry. You did it already, I’m didn’t even hear it. And he was embarrassed.

And it was just like… Wow. It happens. Yeah. Even to the best of the best. I mean Foster is…

You’ve heard heard of Harold Payne right? Do you know who Harold Payne is? He’s a big time songwriter. And he helped write a song for Just Plain Folks. Which is a songwriters organization. Cause they did like a We Are The World. They brought in a bunch of different artists to sing different lines. And they had Alan O’Day producing, in the studio. Who’s no slouch of a writer. He’s had a couple of #1 hits. And Harold was sitting right, standing right next to me in this vocal booth. You know, to go over my line, do all this stuff. I go in. I do the first take. And I do it kinda bluesy. That’s how I thought it came across. And Allan is just going take after take and I hear Harold pull my thing back and he goes. Dude, you nailed it on the first take. I’m sorry.

Stay tuned for more peeks on the inside.

I Covered Sober By Tool See The Video

A little while ago on Twitter I put it out there asking Tweeps what song they’d like to see me do a cover of. One of the requests that came in was for Tool’s Sober. I thought – hey, that’s an interesting one if I do it with acoustic guitars and a single vocal. I found some time to put a day aside to learn the song, come up with a couple of guitar parts that would work acoustically. I recorded it. Sang it. I put it down for a couple of weeks as I was busy shooting video and recording some of my tunes. A few days ago while taking a little vacation to visit my sister, I spent a couple of hours shooting some video for the cover song. I give you:


There’s a shadow just behind me,
Shrouding every step I take,
Making every promise empty,
Pointing every finger at me.
Waiting like a stalking butler
Who upon the finger rests.
Murder now the path of “must we”
Just because the son has come.

Jesus, won’t you fucking whistle
Something but the past is done?
Jesus, won’t you fucking whistle
Something but the past is done?

Why can’t we not be sober?
I just want to start this over.
Why can’t we drink forever.
I just want to start this over.

I am just a worthless liar.
I am just an imbecile.
I will only complicate you.
Trust in me and fall as well.
I will find a center in you.
I will chew it up and leave,
I will work to elevate you
Just enough to bring you down.

Mother Mary won’t you whisper
Something but the past is done.
Mother Mary won’t you whisper
Something but the past is done.

Why can’t we not be sober?
Just want to start this over.
Why can’t we sleep forever.
I just want to start this over.

I am just a worthless liar.
I am just an imbecile.
I will only complicate you.
Trust in me and fall as well.
I will find a center in you.
I will chew it up and leave,
Trust me [x5]

Why can’t we not be sober?
Just want to start things over.
Why can’t we sleep forever.
I just want to start this over.

I want what I want [x4]


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Touch Teaser Behind The Scenes

Touch-Behind-the-ScenesLate last week I got my first dose of shooting a music video where I’m being choreographed for movement. That was a very different experience. Yesterday afternoon I got a message from the video director that the footage came out ok. I was a little worried about it, but alas I’m likely worrying about nothing. One thing that was fun and hard was learning to do some dance moves and making it look like I’ve been doing for years – and singing at the same time. New experience.

I’ve got a Touch teaser trailer for you as I’m excited for getting the song Touch out with a music video when the song launches. Thus if it ends up taking a little more time to get it all done, then the release date will wait until it’s all set. Until then, enjoy a little bit of video from the behind the scenes of the making of the Touch teaser music video.


Enjoy and stay tuned, more video and the release of the song is coming soon!

Till We Meet Again Teaser

As I’m getting geared up and ready for a massive all night shoot for Touch. I’ve got a special little [Tweet “teaser trailer”] for you that gives a small taste of what’s coming next in the single “Till We Meet Again”.  There’s a new studio involved. New people are involved. Obviously it’s a new song.

A trailer that will get your curiosity up. What did we talk about in studio? Are there technical difficulties? Simple instructions for awesome recording? What feelings are getting evoked?

Till We Meet Again Teaser


Whaaaa. Take off!

No, I don’t think I need the click. That’s why I put the two bars of the drums up front.

Sing awesomely. Don’t suck.

Ha. Simple instructions of course.

This is not really a power ballad. How would we describe this song?

Like a rock.

I’m just trying to think of like. I’ve been trying to describe the song to people and I’m really not sure what to tell them.

Oh it didn’t work there.

It should get rid of the one that is solo’d if you…


But it didn’t.

It’s not!



We’ve just discovered a bug.

I. I like it. Especially if I, if I, if I bring the low one in the beginning and kinda like shift the focus from the low one to the high one over the harmony.

I go for the feel. Like whatever makes me feel something (YES!) or what makes me kinda feel like I, (yeah) I don’t have words anymore. (yeah yeah). That’s. That’s.

You get that little buzz to. I get a buzz when it happens. It’s like I can feel it.


Stay tuned!

Touch In The Studio

Come in the studio with me as I work with George Leger III at his Utopia Parkway studio to record the final vocals on my upcoming new single “Touch”. Get a sneak peek of what it’s like in the studio and working with a good friend from Canada who helps create some awesome magic.

Find out who I got one of the guitars used on the song from. Figure out a particular guitar riff I play while waiting for George. Hint, it’s from an amazing guitarist out of Texas.

Enjoy the video:

We’re in Los Angeles. Taking off in a moment in the car. To get over to the studio. Time to start recording some vocals.
Ok, here’s the humor. I’ve just rolled up to the parking lot of the studio where I’m recording with George Leger, over here, the third. He’s got sore feet. So, we’re walking in. About to get started with doing some recording and having some fun. Of course I’ve got to have some tea before I start yodeling out of my mouth. [yodel yodel] But it will be an awesome day of having fun in the studio. Enjoy. See you soon.
Currently we’re working through some issues that George has with playing the mix back, before we get into the concept of me actually opening my mouth and making some more vocals. That are not just demo vocals.
Bonus points to YouTubers who can figure out where that riff comes from.
We got the mics all set up and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna test out this particular setup to make sure it sounds, fucking brilliant. [fucking brilliant].
Turn back the click on?
Don’t you love that? That’s George’s dyslexia in action, right there.
That’s Canadian speak isn’t it?
Canadian speak, ha ha ha.
Just for those out in YouTube land. This is a Parker Fly guitar.
Yes, very nice guitar. Wish I had one actually.
It was given to me by somebody that is very big in the independent music world. Or at least was at one point in time. He’s now kind of retired. His name is Mr. Derek Sivers.
Derek Sivers, thank you very much for your contribution to this song. That we’re using with your Parker Fly, that is, well apparently it’s now my Parker Fly.
We’re doing a little production work at this point. We’ve decided to nix the pre chorus, which you’ve already found out. And we’ve decided to nix some vocals in the chorus there were, uh, filling too many holes. After we do a bit more production work, we’re going to ad some ad libbers. Ad libbies. No? We’re not, we’re not doing any? Oh, cause there’s not enough holes. Not enough room. So much for ad libs.
You know what they say about ad libs? Fuck ad libs.
You say you want to try another octave higher. I’m not sure that’ll be overkill, but I’m certainly willing to try.
Well then, shall I double the other choruses first?
Ah, no. I’m just going to use this part for all of them.
No, no, no.
Yes, yes, yes.
No, no, no.
Yes, yes, yes.
I don’t like cut and paste.
Dude. I don’t care. This is not really that important.
It is.
fuckin prima donnas.
I don’t feel like a prima donna, but thank you.
You’re a fucking leo, what are you talking about.
That doesn’t make me a prima donna.
Yes it does.
No, it just makes me king of the jungle. Or my jungle anyway.
It has been an awesome trip. The vocals are done. It’s time to do the mix. Back to the studio. So long LA, it’s been fun being back. It feels like a slice of home. See ya on the flip side.
Road Trip To LA For Recording Touch

A couple of months ago I forged ahead with getting a slew of new music recorded. Instead of doing it all at once in an album format, I’ve shifted gears and opted to go single by single. This way I’m able to concentrate on a steady stream of new music, plus do videos for each one.

Join me in this video as I hop in the car and head to Los Angeles through Utah, Arizona, Nevada and finally California.

Getting To LA For Recording Touch



“I am in the process of finishing up a first single called Touch. Today, I am on my way to Los Angeles to work with George Leger my co-producer to finish up that song. So it’s road trip time people. See ya in LA.
So I’m winding down one of the major arteries of America, interstate 15, about to pass Nephi Utah. Eighty mile an hour speed limit, gotta love it.
Off goes the trucker. Probably going to the flying J right there. I used to drive my bus there. There’s Nephi one direction. Nephi the other direction.
Taste Beaver. Lovely.
One thing that a traveler must have, as they’re traveling in their car, Juanita chips. These are the best corn chips in the world. Bar none. In addition to that, you also need to have fresh homemade guacamole. Chips and guacamole in the car and some awesome lemonade. You’ve got a good road trip way ahead.
And the most odd thing I think I’ve ever seen in my life, is that the driver in front of me is from California and driving really slow.
I’m about to cross over into Nevada and that point I’m going to make a rest stop. Stay with my father. Play some golf tomorrow and go on to LA the next day. Have a good one!
Zzyzx road right there, exit 239. Right off I-15. Heading in to LA, almost there.
This is your captain Jody Whitesides speaking. We’ve just made it across the high desert and we are now about to descend into the Los Angeles valley. LA, here we come.
Dropping down into the Los Angeles valley on the long descent down. Big windy road. One of my favorite places. Easy to coast. Just got to watch the downhill speed with the brakes.
Just landed right down in the Los Angeles valley and wholly cow look at the traffic heading out of town. It looks like they’re doing a bunch of construction to widen the freeway.
Excited to be back! Ready to record baby! Ready to record.
Two helicopters chasing people down the street next to the party I’m at in Hollywood!”
Happy When I'm With You Lyric Video

Back in 2011 I had a song I had cowritten with Johnny Elkins appear in a movie starring Colin Hanks. That movie is called “Lucky”. Ever since it’s release I’ve had people contacting me about the song “Happy When I’m With You” which appears in the middle of the movie as the song playing over the montage sequence. People wanting to know what the words are can now do their own karaoke of it with the video below. The only place to purchase the song is here Buy Now.

Happy When I’m With You Lyric Video



“Welcome. Thank you for stopping by in order to watch the official lyric video for Happy When I’m With You, the song that appears in the movie Lucky starring Colin Hanks.”

Doesn’t matter the time or the place
Only know there’s a smile taking over my face
Always seems to be here when you’re there
Just feel it inside and it’s in the air

I’m happy when I’m with you
I’m hap-a hap-a hap-a happy when I‘m with you
 Doesn’t really matter what we do
I’m hap-a hap-a hap-a happy when I‘m with
 Happy when I’m with you

Jumping over the sun dancing under the rain
Acting seriously or completely insane
Ain’t no place on earth that I’d rather be
Then with me next to you and you next me


When I’m with you there’s sunshine
In my heart the whole time
Everybody around us is catching the feelings
We’re feeling

Chorus Out:

Wanna know more about the song click here.

How I Became The First Non-Signed Artist On iTunes

How I became the first non-signed artist on iTunesBelow is a video where I explain how I became the first non-signed artist on iTunes through CD Baby.


Transcript of what I said in the video:

This is the really condensed version of how I became the first non-signed artist on iTunes.

Derek Sivers started a little company called CD Baby a bunch of years ago in order to help independent musicians sell their music on the web. I didn’t want him to sell my music when he first contacted me. So he actually hounded me for four months before I finally relented and started selling CDs on his website.

CD Baby was originally more of a Windows, Linux, kind of a platform and I’ve always been an Apple guy. Any time there was an issue with the website I would contact Derek and have him try to fix it, so that it would work for Apple customers.

Over the course of a few years Derek and I got to be really good friends. One day a few years ago I was driving down to the NAMM show in LA and Derek called me while I was driving in my car. He calls up and he says “Guess where I am?” And I throw out a couple of random answers and Derek is like “No. It’s not there. No, it’s not there.” And eventually he tells me that it’s Cupertino and he’s about to meet Steve Jobs at Apple.

So I’m like “Fuck You.” (laughter). Because I’ve always wanted to meet Steve and unfortunately as we now know, Steve is no longer around. And the reason he was up there is because Apple wanted to bring in the CD Baby catalog to the iTunes catalog. So that they could pump up their numbers and make them sound really big. Because everyone wanted to have a million tracks and nobody had it with all the major label songs.

A couple of months later Derek calls me up again and he says “Are you in front of your computer?” And I say “Yes I am.” I type in the URL that he gives me and low and behold it is a little special place on CD Baby to find out how you can fill out all of your information to send your music to iTunes. I filled out the information. I hit send and Derek calls me back and says “Congratulations. You are the very first person in the database going to iTunes!” And I’m like yeah. Actually I didn’t actually do that, but it felt like I needed to say that just now.

The next step was to wait around until the music actually got uploaded to iTunes. Unfortunately Apple was dragging their feet and Derek was having problems with a guy by the name of Moses Avalon, who was creating all kinds of trouble.

Couple of months later, Derek calls me up again and he says “I’m thinking I want to dump the whole digital distribution thing. Because all I ever wanted to do was sell CDs.” And I’m like, “Derek, you don’t want to do that dude. Digital distribution is the future.”

The decision was made to stick with the digital distribution. Derek decided that it would be a wise idea to return everybody’s money. In the end, what ended up happening was, Derek returned everybody’s money and people still got to go to iTunes through CD Baby. And I ended up being the very first person in the database to go to iTunes.

And that is how you are now able to get on iTunes. Thanks to a guy like me.