Jody Whitesides

Funky Audio Lapdances For Your Ears

Born in New York, bred in Park City, with catchy hooks, roaring vocals, and a classic signature vibe, Jody Whitesides is racking up streams to become one of pop music’s rising artists. He’s won awards and his music has appeared in films, TV shows, trailers, and even video games.

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3 Damn Good Reasons To Love 2017

Ready To Love 2017 Mere hours into the new year and I’m ready to love 2017 already. See, I got to spend time with my main squeeze at a really amazing party somewhere deep in wine country (a.k.a. Napa Valley, CA). Cool friends, cool place, great times. …

trendy music 2016

You Don’t Choose Trendy Music, It Chooses You

Trendy music is always a topic on year-end lists. Goodbye To A Lousy 2016 Looking back on a year that for a lot of us was probably not our greatest glory is a hard thing to do. I think the one thing that got a lot of people down had to be the deaths of …


Cooking Up A Storm For Christmas

Cooking Cooking up a storm over the holidays. That is the modus of my Christmas vacation this year, which is extremely fitting based on the kind of year entertainment has had. Unless you’ve been under a rock its patently obvious to me that its been a h …