Jody Whitesides

Funky Audio Lapdances For Your Ears

Born in New York, bred in Park City, with catchy hooks, roaring vocals, and a classic signature vibe, Jody Whitesides is racking up streams to become one of pop music’s rising artists. He’s won awards and his music has appeared in films, TV shows, trailers, and even video games.

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thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 has rolled up on us (my U.S. friends). What are some of the things I am thankful for this year? Thanksgiving 2017 I am thankful that I have family who support my musical endeavors. I am thankful that I have a gift in creating music fo …

Reimagining I Want You To Want Me

If there is something I’ve learned – everyone wants to be heard by someone else; they also want others to want them. Have need for them. To love them. There really isn’t a more definitive song about wanting others to want you than the infamous song pen …

Malcolm Young

As you’ve probably heard, Malcolm Young passed away over the weekend. Malcolm Young Guitarist Before I even had an inkling of playing guitar (or any instrument for that matter), I had already felt the power of AC/DC. Staples of the party scene growing …