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11:00 am Website Update
Website Update
Feb 27 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Meeting to work on the update to Fresh new look and functionality coming. Heavy emphasis on making it awesome for mobile devices.
2:00 pm EDM In My Future
EDM In My Future
Feb 28 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
In the writing/recording studio to be creating a track for a heavy duty situation.
all-day Jody’s Birthday
Jody’s Birthday
Aug 12 all-day
Jody Whitesides’ Birthday. That’s right, today is the day Jody’s birth is celebrated. Send us a video wish, a tweet, a blog post, you make it up. Get us a link and we’ll put up on the site here.
all-day MusicSlam
Jun 4 – Jun 7 all-day
The coolest new music event in the U.S. I’m excited to be a part of this. More details coming soon.

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FourFiveSeconds An Acoustic Cover

If you’re like me, you caught FourFiveSeconds as a live performance on the GRAMMYS a few days ago. Its the new single by Rihanna that’s co-written by Sir Paul McCartney and Kanye West. I really enjoyed the live performance by Rihanna and Paul along with Nuno Bettancourt (Rihanna’s Guitarist). So

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Phoenix Of Sound
footpedal tn

Becoming a phoenix of sound. That’s my new mission as of January 1st 2015. I didn’t consciously make a new year’s resolution about it, but I’m definitely on the path. While in Las Vegas to play a gig in 2014, I was hanging with a good friend. He put on the

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NAMM 2015 Recap

Having escaped NAMMthrax I’m going to recount some of the fun I had at NAMM 2015. NAMM I’m a fan of NAMM. Its a bit like experiencing Guitar Center if it were on Steroids. A lot of steroids. The main reason I go is to see all the fun new

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Putting My Producer Hat On

Pick up a gig as a producer is how I’m getting the new year kicked off with a bang. Though I actually got a really great bang of a kick-off this year as I rang it in in Sydney Australia. As I freeze frame the video above from Sydney,

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