Website update

It’s been a long weekend, as you can see the website now sports an even more improved look. Well at least it does if you have a browser from at least the year 2000 or newer, and CSS turned on. I took some serious time to roll that out and make a very nice and easy to update site.

In the mean time I’m whipping up three more new songs. I’m about done demo’ing two of them out. I suspect that I’ll have the two done by the weekend and the third one will be sometime late next week.

Thanksgiving is upon us and I want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. As well I wish to remind you about current little contest I have. E-mail me your best Thanksgiving Day story. You might very well win yourself a special collectors item. Namely a copy of “A Natural Leap Forward” the surround sound DVD.

By the way… Anyone a snow freak? I know I am and I’m being told that it’s opening a banner year for skiing already. With more than some 80 odd inches in the Utah mountains!! Whoo hoo, I can’t wait for some Christmas skiing.

Stay tuned, obviously I’ll be posting another song demo. You can look forward to a clip of “Falling In”.


Song Demo

Alright, as promised…

I’ve got another song demo posted. This time around it’s a tune called Favor Me check the music page. Yes, you can hear the demo mix that will lead to the final version sometime early in 2004. In the mean time, I’ve begun booking some things around Phoenix and will flesh out more dates.

Ultrasound Management has begun to piece together the inklings of the tour for next year. As well a song that I co-wrote with Will Champlin and Greg Watton called “Nuthin’s Gonna Make Me” is going to be recorded by a new artist. Think Justin Timberlake on Steroids.

Don’t forget to send in your favorite Thanksgiving story, you might just win a special collectors CD.

Thanksgiving Stories

Ok, so I sent out the November news letter and started to get emails about strange Thanksgiving Day stories. In light of some of the responses I’ve already gotten, I’d like to turn this into a contest…

So, email me your strangest Thanksgiving Day story (it has to be true please) and come the first week of December I’ll figure out which story I like best. The winner will receive their story posted here for the world to see, and will get a copy of A Natural Leap Forward (website). You’ll either win the CD or the DVD, but you won’t get both.

In the mean time, I’ll post a clip of another new song “Favor Me” early next week. Come on back to listen, but before you leave, check out “Closer to Ourselves” on the music page.

See ya soon.

Studio working

Crackin in the studio working on the new songs for an A’n’R person I’ve recently met. Changes where made to one song (already posted a clip here on the site), currently finishing up lyrics and recording vocals on two more before I send them in.

Management is working on getting the people in line to be putting a tour together, will keep you posted.

Check back next week for the next song demo clip to be posted. Don’t be shy and email me your thoughts about the new songs or any of the old CD’s.