Christmas in December

Hey, hey, hey…

It’s a little holiday time. I’d like to congratulate Rosalyn S. who was the quickest to respond to the answer for the December newsletter question of where the answer of life is: 42. Of course we all know that it comes from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. If you haven’t read that book, do yourself a huge favor and go check it out from the library or purchase the whole series.

Now, in the spirit of the Christmas holiday, you can get a full mp3 of a holiday song I’ve written. Get the Christmas song. You are welcome to download it, copy it, give it to friends, etc… spread the holiday cheer.

Also, cause I’m feeling so nice, I’ve posted yet another clip of a new song demo that has been heard around some label offices. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on several more songs. Which will make their debut here early in the new year.

Check back on Christmas Eve.

Thanksgiving winner

Hey my fellow cyber-surfers. December is upon us. That means people are busy shoveling snow, building snowmen, dreaming of skiing, etc… Of course who can forget Christmas and Chanukah. Where would we be if we weren’t spending reams of cash on presents? (hint hint – look to the right on the screen).

As promised there is a winner to the Thanksgiving Story… This insane story was sent in by Grant Baccioco.

“Two years ago I’m having Thanksgiving with my parents, brother, girlfriend and 85 year old Great Grandmother.

At the end of the meal in the dining room, which overlooked the large, unheated pool in our backyard, I jokingly suggested that we all go swimming. It was about 50 degrees out and windy. My dad whipped out a $20 bill and said first one in the pool, naked, gets this.

My brother and I killed each other getting down the stairs while stripping and trying to shove each other out of the way.

My brother wound up with the twenty. I had double knots in my shoes.

We posed for photos with my great grandmother afterwards. In our undies.

True story!


Grant wins a copy of “A Natural Leap Forward” DVD version. Congrats Grant!

Stay tuned for more music to be posted on the site. I have another demo about to go up in a week. Enjoy your day.