Download Music

Keeping track of what music is on what Legal Download sites:

Currently E.nergy A.udio R.evolution, is this considered naked, and Initial Spank are all available at MusicMatch – through the music match software on windows.

Amalgam is available at, Amalgam & my Solo discs are at

So far I’m still waiting on the pending arrival at the premiere service iTunes Music Store, and also at Rhapsody, musicnet, Napster & E-Music. All of my CD’s are there I’m just waiting for them to show. I will announce it hear first then send out an e-mail to the mailing list to work on doing a group purchase.

I’m knee-deep in finishing two more songs that are turning out quite amazing. i recently sent another CD of tunes into the label that is interested. Will be talking to other labels and agents by the end of the week. It’s a very exciting time. As well I’m going to be playing a little ditty for Seymour Duncan at NAMM, one of the companies that has been kind to me.

In a completely unrelated turn, I would suggest giving the following page a run through… I’m not an overly political person, but I am really disappointed in the current President.

Three New Songs

Ok, so we’re finally getting into the swing of the New Year. So far I’ve had three new songs mastered. One of them you can hear the demo version of on the music page (“Closer To Ourselves”). In the interim I will be finishing up some other songs this weekend and spending some time writing with Will Champlin on another new song.

For those wondering what’s happening for the legal digital downloads, the story goes like this… Right now you can purchase the Amalgam “Delicate Stretch of the Seems” mkII on I’ve been waiting upon final arrival at iTunes, Napster, MusicMatch, and others. All my music will be on all those services. They have the music, I’m waiting on them to update their systems. I will post all links here as soon as they go live.

In the mean time things are looking very good for the new Album and it’s getting picked up for major release. I’ll keep y’all posted on that too.

Have a great day!

Happy New Year 2004

Happy New Year Everyone!

Stay tuned for new demo clips and other fun news. Until then, stop on by at the message boards and make your prediction as to what will happen to my musical career this year!