Little changes have been happening around the music page. Additional download sites are slowly adding me into their catalogs. I’ve also found a stash of E.A.R. t-shirts. I have some Large and X-Large shirts in either Black or Navy Blue, they’re only $10 while supplies last. Check the music page to get specifics on ordering yours.

Outside of that, I’m starting to sketch out the ideas for the next music video, most likely for “All The Things”. I’m also gathering video footage of the recording process of the new songs coming for the next release. Be prepared for a dual type of thang. A CD with a bonus DVD of video footage. No set plans on the completion date, but I promise it will be cool.

I’m starting to get submitted to several production companies, so it’s keep the fingers crossed time. Why? ‘Cause you may soon hear my tunes on your favorite TV show, maybe a film or two. We’ll see.

Playing in Phoenix

Had a great time playing in Phoenix over the first weekend of February. I have to give a big thank you to Jody Gnant for getting me out there and hooking up shows at the First Friday Art Walk, Alice Cooperstown, and Undici Undici. Building that AZ following is coming along nicely. I’m going to work on getting back out there in March and also April.

Take a look in the News archives for the February DVD contest.

Still finishing up some new songs. I will post another song demo in a week.

Stay well in this Flu season. Don’t forget to check me out on the digital download sites.

Digital Download

Ok, things are rolling right along. I just posted another demo for a song called “All The Things”. Give it a listen then e-mail me to tell me what you think, what movie soundtrack would it sound good on? It’s been submitted for a movie due out later this summer, but keep your fingers crossed ’cause it’s a long shot.

On the digital download front, I’m partially available at all the following sites: AudioLunchBox.com, BuyMusic.com, MusicMatch, and Rhapsody. But what I’m still waiting on is iTunes… So I want you to help let me know when I arrive on iTunes. To that end, the first person to find me on iTunes and buy a song or full disc will win a copy of “A Natural Leap Forward” DVD surround sound experience.

I’m returning to Phoenix this weekend, should be a fun couple of shows. If you’re out in the area, stop by and say hi.

Still in talks with A&R men, but things are looking bright. Will keep you up to date on this. Feel the love!! It’s February, don’t ya know?