Minor Revisions

Little changes are creeping up on the site. if you’ve been repeated browsing in over the past week you’ve probably noticed minor revisions going on with the site. The format is evolving into something a little less ordinary and hopefully more fun.

The website will undergo a major facelift on the release date of Practical Insanity. I won’t be giving sneak peeks it will just happen: BANG! new look to the site. All to make it tie in better with the new release. So while the content is being tweaked right now you can keep browsing in, checking out songs, and seeing little things changing. Don’t be shocked when the new look happens. It will be cool.

In that vein, I should be seeing the concept of the cover art to Practical Insanity later tonight. I’m excited. It’s all coming together now.

Keep tuning in.

iTunes adds 3

iTunes, iTunes, iTunes…

3 more albums have finally made their debut on iTunes. E.nergy A.udio R.evolution, Is This Considered Naked, and Initial Spank. So if you don’t care for the whole albums you can now buy individual songs and be done with it!

Practical Insanity has been mastered, the elements of the DVD are being gathered and spruced up. The business plan is done, and the artwork is on it’s way. Pretty soon, you’ll be the first to know about the whole thing and when it’s going to be released etc…

The surround sound mixes sound stunning. They will be the last things to be mastered. You will not be disappointed.

Snafu on iTunes

it’s one of those crazy snafu’s. You’re the first artist somewhere and the data gets all goofed up. I’ve been limited in my iTunes exposure and have just been reassured that the albums are there, but for some reason the search function and link maker aren’t seeing them. However, I’ve just seen them in iTunes using special links and bought the CD’s even though they show zero songs. I’ve already sent a trouble ticket to Apple. So hopefully the issue will be resolved shortly and I’ll be able to add the links to all the songs on the music page.

New Domain

D’oh it’s freshly the 1st of May and just a few moments ago I had registered the domain the for the name of the new CD. So here’s the inside scoop before it gets announced to my e-mail list. Drum roll couple with drum loops please……………… The title of the new release will be: Practical Insanity

It fits the mindset I’ve been in for the past couple of months with all the recording, mixing, and preparation that I’ve been doing. Not to mention it fits the content of the lyrics pretty well too.

I got the Video for All The Things back today in the mail. It looks absolutely fantastic! I’m very excited about it. Just think it will be on the DVD along with tons of other goodies. Including behind the scenes of the making of it. There is also footage for the making of the whole CD.

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