Practical Insanity

Well, the word is out. I’ve got people all over the place checking out the business plan. So Practical Insanity will become a reality for the world soon. In the meantime I really have to thank Sennheiser for highlighting me in their last Press Release!

Also, as you look at the concert calendar, you’ll notice that August 7th will be the first show since the recording of Practical Insanity has finished. I figure it’s a great way to get a bunch of friends down for not only my upcoming Birthday, but for my friend Colin who has invited me and the band back for the second annual Colin Thompson Bash. Everyone can now stop asking when the next show in Los Angeles is: It’s August 7th.

Since I’m antsy to get playing, I’ll start booking some low key shows until we have a solid booking agent lined up for the full-on national tour to commence later this year in support of Practical Insanity.

The cover photo shoot will happen in the next two weeks. I’ve assembled a crew of people and we’re headed to Ed Ouellette’s Studio in Valencia CA. He’s the genius behind the camera from the cover shoot of “is this considered naked”. Also in the wind… There is the possibility of another video shoot happening really soon. Song and date have yet to be picked but there is interest from management to put another one in the can before the release of the CD and DVD.

Come Back Soon!

Sennheiser press release

Looks like the cover shoot will happen on Sunday. All the fun will be then, but until that happens, feed on this:

I’m mentioned in the latest Sennheiser Press Release along with Sugarcult!! Read on and check it out. I’m very flattered.



June 2004 ‘ Old Lyme, Connecticut ‘ Sennheiser, the acknowledged world leader in headphones for home and professional audio and A-V systems, has opened a unique on-line web destination. The Sennheiser TrueSound Lounge is now live at, providing web-surfers an entertaining selection of fresh, innovative new music from Sennheiser-supported emerging artists like Sugarcult and Jody Whitesides, and fun, quick-witted web-video shorts from top commercial filmmakers and producers, fruits of the Sennheiser Invitational Film Project. Of course, the lounge also offers concise info on Sennheiser¹s unequalled selection of personal-listening products for home, portable, and wireless enjoyment of music, home-theater, and A-V entertainment, while conveying the firm¹s dedication to the “true
sounds” of music and movies.

Sennheiser conceived the TrueSound Lounge in collaboration with web-savvy marketing agency MARC/USA of Chicago, to help raise brand-awareness here in the U.S. of the German firm¹s globally respected products. The “micro-site” will host visitors invited by an engaging and amusing series of pop-ups, also created by Marc/USA, slated to appear on leading home-entertainment product research and AV-buff destinations, beginning in May 2004.

The Flash-based micro-site features advanced design using highly interactive features such as clickless, “PointRoll” technology that make in-depth enjoyment virtually effortless. Visitors will explore the Lounge¹s Film and Audio rooms checking out the music and video offerings, and may then roll over to the Headphone and Heritage rooms to investigate Sennheiser¹s products and history. Throughout, the TrueSound Lounge¹s animated graphics and voice-over dialogs will appeal to the young, hip, music- and movie-savvy visitors the firm expects to make the trip.

The Sennheiser TrueSound Lounge is currently live and on-line.

About Sennheiser

Established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser is the acknowledged world leader in microphone technology, RF-wireless and infrared sound transmission, headphone-transducer technology, and, most recently, the development of active noise-cancellation. Sennheiser Electronic Corporation is the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, with headquarters in Old Lyme,

For additional information about Sennheiser, visit

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Heather Schulein
AAdvert International
1920 Waukegan Road, Suite 212
Glenview, IL 60025
Phone (847)998-0600
Fax (847)998-0260

Cover Art Concepts

The cover art concepts have been approved, the photo shoot gear has been arranged and now we’re attempting how to figure out pulling it off to be believable. Stay tuned on that. But I dare say it’s a funny but effective cover design.

The next step is to figure out how to go on the audio side. I’m thinking it will be SACD and a DVD. That way I can still get the surround sound mixes to you but keep the video content on the DVD at a higher quality. SACD is a pretty neat format. Allows you to play the standard audio in a CD player, but if you have an SACD player you can hear the surround sound mixes.

In another website advance, the quotes have been tweaked, now much easier for me to add them into rotation when I get them, and also now formatted so that their easier to read and easier for you to tell who said them. Ah the wonders of modern technology. Also making it’s debut is the new and improved e-mail signup form. To get all the latest J-Dubya news delivered to your door all ya do is add your e-mail address into the form above.

In the mean time… Go Karl Malone, help the Lakers get you that championship ring you so deserve!