KFLI Radio Interview

Welcome to month of all-hollows-eve… Did I even spell that right? Anyway, it’s a cool October that’s brewing up.

First off, I’ve found an old interview I did from radio station KFLI out of Arizona. It was for the E.A.R. CD and is funny for it’s grass-roots feel. I really have to give kudos for KFLI and the DJ for having me on. It was a treat.

Second, I have started booking shows for the fall and will continue to add shows as information becomes available, the first is coming October 26th in beautiful Venice CA. Please come on back and find out if I’m coming to a venue near you.

Third, the new version of the website is very near. I had a discovery last night that will help expedite the method I wanted to use for a special new section to the website. I’m still debating on whether or not to launch the website in advance of the release of “Practical Insanity” or if I should just wait until the street date of the CD.

The song I wrote with Lindy Robbins and Johnny Elkins for the Oneness organization has been finished. It’s called “In Disguise”. I’ll work on putting up a 2 minute clip of it somewhere on the website in the near future. The interesting thing is that I’ve heard it would be good for Clay Aiken or Hillary Duff. I’d be strangely happy if it got recorded by either one of them.

In the mean time, I’m rehearsing the songs for the live show. If you’re still interested in hearing the wonderful comments from the Frosty, Heidi and Frank Should I Stay or Should I Go? <– then follow that link I just pointed to!