CD Replication

Ah, what a Monday morning. Nothing like getting up and being lazy.

Yeah, right. Ok, the CD Practical Insanity is off to the printer as of today! That’s right kiddies, the new CD is finally seeing the light of retail ready to sell day. As well, the video for All The Things and the new CD have been shipped off to iTunes music store as well. I will post the information about it’s launch date as soon as I hear about it.

If you’ve been following my poker playing antics, I won a satellite poker tourney last friday. It gave a me seat in a $13k winner take all tourney later that night. Well, I made it to the final two tables, but ended up going out due to being short stacked. At least I got the seat and didn’t have to do a rebuy like most of the other players.

Movie Pick of the Week: Fantastic Four. This is a fun movie. Not really a great story involved as it’s the first in what will probably be several of this series. But it sets up the series quite well. My favorite character is the Human Torch. He’s the most fun to watch. The others are good too. The special effects are great. I think once they get past the setup which happened in this movie, then hollywood can step up the story and really make this fly. I imagine if they get the story to match the level of Spiderman, then the Fantastic Four will be awesome. I recommend seeing this film.

Booking agent

Last friday I got a great phone call. It was from a booking agent who has decided he wants to get me out on the road! So, here’s the rundown so far…

The CD master of “Practical Insanity” has been completed and made. The artwork has been finalized and is being fitted into the templates I’ve received from Groovehouse – the company I’ve decided to use for duplication thanks to a conversation with Derek Sivers of CD Baby. My main issues for choosing them: Direct to Glass master transfer, so the audio should sound better. And Eco-friendly printing. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they are priced slightly better than most competitors.

I’m excited to finally be taking the music on the road and around the U.S. and hopefully to Europe in the future! Still working out travel, band members, radio and PR, but things are coming together. YEAH!

Also last friday I played in a poker tournament. My 3rd ever and I placed 11th. Not bad for just 5-6 months of playing, especially considering the caliber of players in Los Angeles. I missed the final table by making a major mistake on my last hand. Believe me, I won’t be doing that again. My goal for the next tourney is to make the final table! If this music thing doesn’t pan out, maybe I can become a professional poker player :-).

Have a great week!

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July everyone!