Practical Insanity is here

I have Practical Insanity in my hands. It’s looking absolutely fantastic! Not to mention it sounds damn good too. I’ve already sent off a bunch of copies to CD Baby, so it should be available there within the week. I’ve already had it in the wings for iTunes as well, still awaiting for news on when it will show up there. I will certainly post it here when it happens. If you absolutely need to get it sooner than soon and want it personally signed by me, you can mail me a check or money order for $15 to:

On Records
3727 W. Magnolia Blvd #459
Burbank CA 91505

I will send you an autographed copy, just as soon as your check clears. Money orders will go out the same day I receive the order in my hands. Please allow time for the order to get to me, then back to you via first class mail. Shipping and Handling is included in the $15.

The Booking Agent says that the feelers are already out and about for the beginning of the tour. No dates have been set just yet, but I believe the band and I will be hitting the road in October, at least that’s what I’m told. Stay tuned as I’ll be adding those dates here just as soon as the information hits my ears.

Movie Pick of the Week: Four Brothers. In a word – Intense. I didn’t really know what to expect heading into this movie. The gist I got prior to seeing it was a family of orphans looking for who killed their mother. Well, that’s actually an accurate description of the premise. But what I didn’t expect was the quality of the story. It was really captivating. There were a lot of little twists and turns that took me on a complete roller coaster ride. What I really liked about it was that I felt like I got to know the characters, yet I never quite knew what to expect in how they’d act in each situation. Mark Wahlberg definitely pulls a good performance out on this one. If you can stomach some heavy violence and some strong words then I think you’ll really get a kick out of this movie. I recommend it.

Steve Maris

Whoa, I must have hit a time warp. I haven’t updated for just over two weeks. But then I hope I have a good excuse. I was on vacation for past two weeks.

I’ll keep it brief for now.

The CD’s of Practical Insanity should be back from the printer tomorrow or Friday. Woo Hoo! I’ll be sending out an e-mail to all interested parties about them getting their copy once I have the little suckers in my hands.

Also, I officially have a booking agent. His name is Steve Maris, from Maris Agency. You can request a tour date via the contact page, it will send an e-mail right to him. You can also call him at the number listed on the contact page.

Have a great day!