More Christmas

The first video off Practical Insanity is All The Things. For the MTV / VH1 version you’ll need to log in to the Clubhouse. Not a member? Easy enough, just sign up and you can watch it, IT’S FREE to join. Otherwise there’s a live clip on your left side of the screen.

I found a way to speed up some of the process of doing the Christmas songs, so I’m going to start making better time on getting this concept done.

I had a meeting with an movie producer from India today. They’ve chosen me to help them record and mix the thematic song for the movie’s main character. It’s quite exciting, I feel so international. First doing video game work for a European Rugby game, now a song for a movie from India. Move over Bend It Like Beckham.

Movie Pick of the Week: If you haven’t heard of Green Street Hooligans, now you have. I recently heard about the movie while listening to Howard Stern. Elijah Wood was on Stern’s show promoting the movie. All I knew about it going in was that it was about football – English style, and it’s raucus fans. It was a real good movie. It reminded me a lot of my trip to England earlier this year, minus the violence. I highly recommend seeing this movie. Despite the violence and it’s relatively weak start, this movie turned out to be a very impressive story. But expect some brutality and blood.

All The Things video

The Video is here, the video is here! Heh, kinda like Paul Revere when riding for America and announcing the red-coats. Only this isn’t about a dangerous attack. The Video for All The Things, the studio version style for like say MTV2 or VH1 (does VH1 need a VH2?), is now available for viewing in the Clubhouse. If you’re a registered member, shoot on in and check it out. Not a member? No problem, just sign up, ITS FREE!

Midway through the month and I’m still knee-deep in Christmas past songs. Almost done with those, then its on to Christmas present, after than Christmas future. Meanwhile, back in reality land… The T-Shirt design is done and I’m currently working on finding a great place to get them replicated. Next stop, the Practical Insanity Tour Poster.

The band is about to start major prep time for the tour. The live rig for the drummer has been setup and it’s off we go. Kinda fun being a technological band. It will certainly enhance the live show.

Heart out to New Orleans

Just want to take a moment to say that I hope everyone in New Orleans is going to be able to start again.

Things are moving along, or at least so I’m told. First I’d like to say thank you to everyone that showed up at the Lowe’s Music anniversary to see the first show with the new band backing me up. Colin, Josh, and Henrick did a fantastic job considering that we had all of 2 rehearsals. From the audience reaction I think we’re going to do well once we hit the road later this year. Speaking of that, the booking agent assures me that he almost has the first leg of the Practical Insanity tour happening. I’ll post dates just as soon as I get them.

In the meantime I’m working on the Christmas album that I’ve spoke of before. So far I have the music to several songs all laid out. As soon as I get them all laid out, I’ll be singing my ass off later this month.

Movie Pick of the Week: The Constant Gardener. Where do I begin with this? To start, in terms of how this movie is laid out – it has a confusing start. It jumps around in time without setting up anything. So for a while it’s confusing and annoying. Once it stops jumping all over the place in time, it then starts jumping on screen. The style of filming was similar to The Bourne Supremecy. I think this style is great for action films. But The Constant Gardener is NOT an action film, thus this shooting style is out of place and doesn’t help propel this movie. Despite these problems, the story is quite good once it gets past the timeline issues. In a nutshell it’s about major Drug companies doing illegal things at the expense of a third world nation. Based on a change in my life over health lifestyle, to me this isn’t so unbelieveable. In fact, I bet its closer to the truth than most people would be willing to admit. If you can stomach the camera-work, and can get past the confusing beginning, this is a movie worth watching. If anything it can shed light on what corporations are allowed to do when they have too much too money.