Practical Insanity T-Shirts

The T-Shirts for Practical Insanity are in! They look great. I hope to have a picture up very soon and they are available for sale here and now. In fact if you want one, I’ll do a special price of $15 including shipping until November 1st. Just send a check/money order or cash to On Records Inc. 3727 W. Magnolia Blvd #459 Burbank CA 91505. Don’t forget to include your address and e-mail so that I can let you know I got the order.

Still plugging away on the Christmas CD, however, it’s looking like I won’t get it released this year, though I will likely post some samples in December so that you’ll hear bit of probably the biggest Christmas CD collection by one aritst ever.

I may be getting one of my songs placed in an MTV show soundtrack, keep the fingers crossed. When I find out if it happens I’ll post it here.

Movie Pick of the Week: Domino. I caught this last night and discovered a bit of a gem. I really didn’t expect much from this movie to tell you the truth. But within 5 minutes I was hooked into it. Domino Harvey was a real person, but I’m very sure that a bunch of this movie is amp’d up on 20 to push it way over the top of the truth its supposedly based on. Keira Knightley is the main character and plays the tough-girl roll to the hilt. She really has some range as an actress. Micky Rourke, Tom Waits, and a couple of former stars like Brian Austin Green and Ian Zering round out the cast. The movie has it all – major action, sultry sex kitten, sex, comedy, and intense drama. The only drawback on this movie is the filming style. It’s got a massive amount of jerky moving camera shots. It can make you ill.

Practical Insanity official release

Practical Insanity is officially released as of today! Now currently available on CD Baby and iTunes Music Store. Get it now, you know you want to. If you purchase the CD you get a copy of the All The Things video too.

I’m about 1/2 done with the 30 Christmas songs. I’m working as fast as I can to get them done without going insane and still being able to get other things done. I’m pleased that Taylor Guitars loaned me a beautiful 12 string guitar to use on some of the tracks. It certainly adds some flavor that I wanted.

The India movie people are planning on coming here later this month to do their song here. I’ve the singer and the music. Just waiting on them.

The band is getting tight on all the Practical Insanity songs. We’re also going to add Torn, No One Knows, and a couple of other cover tunes to the set list. But we’ll be doing them our way. Should be great fun.

Movie Pick of the Week: I’ve seen a slew of movies lately. The list includes Flight Plan, Proof, Unfinished Life, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Serenity, A History of Violence, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and Into The Blue. The rundown on all these… Flight Plan – good movie, nice twists, worth seeing. Proof – think A Dangerous Mind done with a female lead, good but not for people who need action. Unfinished Life – Surprisingly good, Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman rule in this, the only downside was Jennifer Lopez, already gone from theaters. The Greatest Game Ever Played – A triumphant true story, not a great as Seabiscuit but worth seeing. Serenity – Came highly recommended to me from Mel Brooks whom I met last Saturday night, surprisingly good, the trailers didn’t do it justice. A History of Violence – the trailers made this movie out to be much better, a little disappointing, but the violence is scary real in terms of what happens to the body when it’s brutally beaten. The Exorcism of Emily Rose – ok but not as great as the trailer made it out to be. Into The Blue – the trailers made it look dopey, but it was actually a fun movie with a decent story.