Newsletter feature

Ring, ring, ring…

It’s the phone waking me up from a very long night that went well into the morning. I was awoken by a call from Brian A. Whitney who runs the Just Plain Folks organization. He’s working on the latest issue of his JPF Notes newsletter. I’ll be featured in the next issue for the video of Falling In with a little story about my dad, Kim Whitesides, who did the artwork in the video. So, it’s kinda cool that I’ll be getting a little boost to over 40,000 readers and members.

I got the new thermostats into “Claire the Big Orange Crush”. So all should be good to go with making use of the veggie oil system. It wasn’t fast or fun, but it’s done. Woo Hoo.

I’m also in talks with a few distribution companies about getting the CD “Practical Insanity” into the retail locations where the video will be getting rotation. Its an exciting time and I hope to have news in a short time that I’m finally going to be breaking out nationally.

The band and I will be in Atlanta Georgia from March 1st through the 5th for the APCA convention. For the performance I’ve chosen to add “Since u been gone” by Kelly Clarkson and “Hey Ya” by Outkast to the setlist. Should prove to be a very fun performance for the crowd. I’ll be getting it taped as well, so we’ll have a new live video coming soon to the website with the new version of the band.

Have a great holiday!

Falling In Video in the wild

The week of love has come and gone… Did you have a great Valentines day? I ended up drinking with my buddies and playing an old video game called Galaga and ended playing on one game for over two hours and getting to stage 200 and just quitting as I got bored. Where did I do this? The infamous Barney’s Beanery in Hollywood. My buddy Mikey is a regular there so I’ve been going a bit just to hang out.

Falling In, the video is really getting some rave reviews and starting to make its way into some good places for me. Its been approved for the instore video screens at places like Blockbuster, FYE, Hastings, Tower, Fred Meyer and more. Very exciting indeed. I expect it will be happening in April at the earliest and May at the latest. Once I find out about the distribution I’ll be sending the video out to the Fuse and MTV2.

“Claire’s” Floor is all done now and it looks great. I’ll be putting the new thermostats in over the weekend and then it’s ready to rock and roll. We’ll be doing a couple of cover songs in Atlanta, I’ve chosen “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “Hey Ya” as the two we’ll use to help wow the audience at APCA in Atlanta. Plus I’m still on pins and needles waiting to find out about the Best Band of the Year. Keep your fingers crossed.

Falling In video

The exciting news for this month is the new music video for the song Falling In. It’s right there on the left side of the screen under Motion Pictures. You’ll need Quicktime 7, if you don’t have it go get it. Don’t worry it’s free. So far the feedback on the video has been nothing short of spectacular. So enjoy. I plan on getting it onto iTunes Music Store so that you can purchase it as well, and have your very own high quality copy. I’ll also be shipping it off to The Fuse this week. I also be send it to MTV/2, and VH1 as soon as I get their information.

A new additional name for the bus has been added thanks to my sister. It’s now: “Claire – the Big Orange Crush”. I guess she’s got something that I need to make it all official and stuff. But there it is. I’m more than half down with the new flooring and it looks amazing. Almost ready for our next trip out.

There’s a new bass player in the mix. His name is JP. I’ve been meaning to get pictures of everyone up on the site. I will do it one our next trip out.