Review radio

Are you an avid listener of Frosty, Heidi and Frank? Based out of Los Angeles they are LA’s number one rated noon show. They do a segment on fridays known as Should I Stay or Should I Go? Well, a while back I was on and did very well and even got high marks and praise from the triplets themselves. You’ll actually see some of the quotes pop up on the left side of the screen there under “things you say”. Well a few weeks ago on the show Frank had mentioned that they didn’t have a theme song. I figured what the hell, I’ll write one. I whipped this up in a few hours and sent a copy to the show and never heard from them. So at this point, I’m just going to call it the un-official Frosty Heidi and Frank theme song. Here’s the links: Full Version, Short Version.

Maybe if enough of the fans of the show decide that they like and ‘complain’ to them, they might take notice. Who knows. For now I’ll leave it up to you, the fans of Frosty, Heidi and Frank to decide if its a good theme song for them. Send me a comment about it when you’ve heard it.

Bus crash

Working on finishing up the video podcasts from the last trip out. Will likely post part 3 and part 4 today then part 5 tomorrow and that will close it out. I’ve also posted a ton of pictures in the Atlanta gallery.

Working on making a nice edited video of the APCA showcase as the video turned out great and I had a second camera filming. That’s got some great shots of the band and the sound is pretty darn good too. Also massaging several of the schools that saw us to work on more shows.

One more part of the trip back that I hadn’t mentioned yet. We had an accident involving the bus. That’s right, I’ve now officially been in my first accident. Fortunately everyone is ok, there were no deaths and no serious injuries. The bus is in the shop getting worked on as we speak. I’m glad it wasn’t like a Metallica moment.

As you can see the website has undergone a bit of an update. Let me know what you think about it.

Clear Channel coolness

JP and I are driving the bus back from Atlanta. Josh and Henrik had to fly back early due to getting a gig playing for our troups over in Iraq. Josh hates flying with a passion so hopefully he’ll survive the trip.

We got a chance to stop by the Clear Channel radio headquarters yesterday. I had recently befriended Clayton Allen who runs a station out of the building and he invited me out for a tour of the facility since he likes the music from Practical Insanity so much. We had a great time and met a whole lot of people.

The really amazing thing was getting a chance to sit and chat with the programming director who listened to the CD and checked out every song. Even picked “Searching For You” as a single. I also got a chance to cut a couple of radio spots with their DJ Hank from The Outlaw. He was really cool too. I’ll do a much more in depth report on that later.

As for this morning, I woke up and made some breakfast. While I was chowing down I actually saw a Road-Runner bird go cruising by. I had never seen one before and where we’re at at this rest stop in the middle of nowhere Texas there were tons of them cruising around. I got some video and pictures of it. In the next few days I’ll get the rest of the video podcasts up as well as a nice version of the showcase posted as well. 🙂

New adventure

We’re out here on the road beginning day four of the current leg and day one of the APCA Conference. The trip so far has been nothing short of an adventure. Here’s a brief rundown:

Over on the left you’ll see a new category under Motion Pictures called Video PodCasts. So far you’ll see Day One and Day Two, Day Three is coming later today. These are little video snippets of our trip as it has been going. PodCast ready but in a video format. Download and enjoy on your video iPod or Computer.

The video for “Falling In” is getting a lot of attention. Still working on talking to several distributors. Things are looking good for it to blow up big time, which is fantastic. As for the conference at APCA in Georgia, we’ve decided to drop “Hey Ya” and “Since U Been Gone”. Instead we’ve picked up “Harder To Breath” by Maroon 5 and resorted to adding one of my songs.

Stay tuned for more good news to come soon.