Christmas in July

It’s Christmas in July. Yes, I swear it’s true. Admist the sweltering heat in Los Angeles, I’ve been running the A/C whilst I attempting to think of Toys and Sugarplumbs (What exactly are Sugarplumbs anyway?). I am all of four songs away from sending the music to be mixed and mastered. What a long trip it has been attempting to put this together. I plan on releasing it digitally for this holiday season. I’m unsure about physical copies for this year, but definitely for next year.

In other news… I’ve been picked up by Neon Entertainment for the College/University markets. While the representation isn’t set in contracted stone, it’s well on it’s way to being done. I’m excited by that. I’m already putting some stuff together for them.

In the non-music arena I’ve been making some updates to the website. Most of you won’t notice the change because you have browsers new enough to deal with them. Some of you will notice the change in the pictures in that they’ll have blue boxes and strange backgrounds to them (isn’t it time to update to at least I.E. 6 now that 7 is coming out). Essentially I’ve switched the site to CSS and started using PNG picture formats. The pictures when viewed in more modern browsers will look more vibrant. The layout still looks the same but takes way less code and is easier to change in the future. A good thing since I’m working on a new layout that should be a bit more visual than the current version. Don’t expect it in the short run as the Christmas project is currently top priority.

Other non-music news… I won my first poker tournament last night at the Pachanga Casino. It’s taken a little over a year, but this weekend has brought me a couple of smiles. I finished 5th at Hollywood Park as well. Two tournaments and two final tables, one 5th out of about 175, and the other 1st out of about 250. I’m feeling a change in the wind and it all started with Neon Entertainment calling me up.