Video in film festival

Byron Turk, the director of the ‘Falling In’ video, has informed me that the video will be screened at the 2006 California Independent Film Festival later this year. How cool is that?!?

Recording for the vocals on the huge Christmas project has commenced. There are 3 songs that are finished and ready for mixing. That’s 1/10th, which leaves 27 to go.

More recording with Devin Bronson later this week.

“Live Like I’m Rich,” the song I was hired to sing in the Material Girls movie staring Hillary and Haylie Duff has been seen and heard. I actually got phone calls about it opening day last friday. I also decided to trek down to the local movieplex and check it out. Obviously the movie isn’t gear toward me as a demographic, but it is a heartwarming little story. I believe the song is about 1/3 the way in. It was right after they burnt their house down on accident. I watched for my name in the credits and was able to snap a quick shot of the screen with my cell phone. However, I’ve been graced by a friend who was able to get an actual slide of my name on the screen. Woo Hoo. I’ll be blowing that up and putting it on the studio wall.

New blog

Whew, made it through some sweltering heat here in the past few weeks. It’s finally cooling off a bit and so my sanity is returning. I’m so glad President Bush really feels strongly that Global Warming isn’t true.

Vocal recording has begun for the entire Christmas project. I’m about 1/6th of the way into that step as of this morning. I’ll likely be 1/3 of the way through that part by this afternoon. It’s been interesting to finally put some references down after all this time. As surprise song to me so far has been Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

My last outing with the band and The Big Orange Crush Bus was nothing short of an amazing adventure. Everyone that has heard the story has told me they can’t believe it. Want to relive the adventure?

Single of the Day has been getting off to a very good start. Response has been amazing and I’m starting to get the hang of blogging.

The movie Material Girls with Hillary Duff has begun to be advertised in trailers. I don’t think they’re using the song in the trailer.

I’m off to go work on more of the Christmas thang. Have a great day!