Best video of the year

And the winner is: Best Music Video for 2006 from the Just Plain Folks Awards!!!

That’s right Falling In has been named Best Music Video in the largest music awards in the world. I also received 2nd place for Tracking Motion in Best Rock Instrumental. I also received 3rd place for Best Children’s Storytelling Album for the music I write for The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.

Practical Insanity was nominated for Best Rock Album and Falling In was nominated for Best College Rock Song (I lost to Vertical Horizon – so I can’t complain, I love their music), but it ended there. But hey Best Music Video, I can’t believe how amazing that was to finally receive a win for my music.

In other news. I’m on a plane on Wednesday to Florida to go meet with Maurice Starr and potential investors. Armed with the JPF showing, I think I’m definitely going to have a great shot at picking up that investment money. Why not? I mean out of 25,500 plus CD’s and 350,000 songs and I got 5 nominations, two placements, and a win. That’s impressive!

All the while the Christmas project is getting mixed. I should hope to have it done by the end of the month.

Stay tuned for more news…