Functional experience

Happy New Year

2007 has finally been rung in. Woo Hoo, I hope your Christmas, Hanukka, Kwanza, etc, all went well. Did you have a great New Years too? I was so excited I launched a new website, which you’re seeing right now. I’ve still got one more thing left to finalize on it in terms of the multi-media experience but the rest of it is fully functional.

I’ve put a direct way to log right into the Clubhouse right from the home page. Look towards the right of where you’re reading now and you’ll see the login area with the knock knock button. Once you’ve entered your name and e-mail and use the secret knock knock, you’ll be wisked into the Clubhouse where you can submit for the monthly contest, as well as see and hear more of me.

The Christmas CD has been getting some fantastic feedback. At this point though, it will be put on the shelf and await it’s next promotional push in June/July for licensing and store purchases.

Still in talks with investors and Maurice Starr. Maurice has a few more meetings in the works with management and other people as well. So it’s an optimistic start to the year.

I’ve started sifting through roughly 23 song ideas for the next CD. Getting them organized, thinking about the title, the direction, the feel, etc.

The Single of the Day blog is growing every month I’m starting to average over 300 readers a day, not bad for no advertising yet. At the rate its going it will climb to a few thousand in a couple more months. So as of January 1st, meaning now, you can read it directly here on my official website. I figure it’s the least I can do for you since you’re showing me support.

Stay tuned as more good things are on the way.