Finding funding

Things are beginning to move along briskly. Funding is coming in the door and I have some meetings with PR firms this week. Seems there are three or four that are highly interested in working with me. I guess it helps when you’ve got a name like Maurice Starr backing ya. In addition we’re working on the live portion of things, meaning that we’re talking to some agents to finally get the show on the road. There is rumor talk that I could be opening for someone rather large, but I’ll believe it and share it with ya when it comes through.

In the mean time, I’ve started scratching out ideas on roughly 25 songs that will be the inklings for the next CD once Practical Insanity has run it’s course. I never seem to stop writing. That’s not a bad thing I guess.

Also, I’ve been talking to Byron Turk, the director of my award winning video ‘Falling In’, about the next video which will be for ‘Closer To Ourselves’. I’m excited to be in a forward moving situation.

Stay Tuned!