Co-writing adventure

It’s been a while since I’ve made any updates…

I want to thank everyone who’s been enquiring as to my whereabouts and as to what’s been going on. It’s been a trying time. I’ve had some deals in the works that were supposed to have me out on tour opening for a major band back at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately things went awry and I’ve been left working on putting things back together in another order. The good news is, I’m very close to being able to make a big announcement. Until then, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

While I’ve been working on all that, I have been writing lots and lots of new songs. I’ve got 37 new songs which will eventually become the 10 or 12 for the next release. The recording of one is nearly finished and if everything goes well it could end up on a major TV show this coming season (fingers crossed).

I’ve also been writing some children’s songs with Jan Linder-Koda and Heather Bradley. That I believe I’ve mentioned before. We’ve got two finished and are about to start a third. Peanut Butter is the first, Goose Bumps is the second. You can hear Peanut Butter on my Single of the Day blog.

In addition, I’ve finally written my first song with a songwriter who has already had a couple of hits! Mark Luna and I have created a song called Jupiter Bowl. We’re done with the first demo version which can be heard on Single of the Day. We’re going to make a couple of tweaks to it before we call it finished, but it’s very close. Like the song I wrote for TV, there’s the possibility that something good is already going to happen for Jupiter Bowl (fingers crossed).

Again, thanks for checking in on me and check back real soon.