Hero Unexpected has been posted on my blog Single of the Day.

In addition it is currently in the hands of a major TV show. I’ll make sure that I keep everyone informed when good things come of it.

There has been word in the ether that the funding has finally been approved for touring and promoting Practical Insanity. I should be getting final status on that any day now. What a long trip that has been.

Stay tuned.

New co-written songs

New songs starting to be finished. In the past several weeks I’ve finished three songs with co-writers. Goose Bumps (sorta in line for the Halloween holiday no?) with Jan Linder-Koda and Heather Bradley; And You’re The One with Johnny Elkins; Jupiter Bowl with Mark Luna. In addition, I’ve also finished Hero Unexpected.

And You’re The One & Jupiter Bowl are already making the rounds for licensing, which is fantastic. Hero Unexpected will be getting pushed to a network next week. Should prove to be interesting.

Meanwhile, I’m working with Marvin and Maurice to push for tour dates heading into the fall/winter season. I’ve got restaurants who are now collecting their used veggie oil for me which is a great time saver. Go green baby!

Stay tuned. More things coming soon.

October Rocks

Silence is deafening…

Here comes Halloween, thus that’s the reason for the color change around here. While I don’t have any scary music yet available, it is probably time I write a little scary something. So here it goes: