Writing group

Still working on new music. Lots of it. New co-writers I’ve worked with now include Warren Sellars, Mark Luna, Steely, The Brandon James, Femke Weidema, and Robert Navarro. Great bunch. Leading to some great songs and I’m happy to be creating music with them. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a bunch of the material I’d done these artists very soon.

I’ve also been getting calls to do little acoustic shows and I’ve taken a few. So I am I out and about in Los Angeles. It won’t be regular as I’m still working on the big tour thing. In the middle of a deal right now where it’s progressed further than any deal prior. Fingers crossed this one makes it and is the real winner to getting me out on the road and on the charts where I belong.

Keep an ear out for anything on the Fox Sports Network. In the near future you’ll be hearing music I’ve created. Some may be parts of my songs. Others may be cues I’ve done specifically for Fox Sports. I’m pretty happy about that arrangement. More on it coming in August.

Until the next update, have a great day and check back soon!