Do You Want To Play

Writing, recording, writing, recording. It’s an ever going process. A stockpiling of songs I tell you. Recently in case you weren’t aware, I befriended the main peep at Fox Sports Music. Well that led to getting hooked up with the main marketing peep over at the NBA. Which then led to new versions of the song Do You Want To Play. I was asked to do a version for the WNBA and the D-League. Mind you I’m a small basketball fan, but I had never heard of the D-League.

I decided that since the song was being pulled out and done for two new versions, why not go ahead and do a version for every team in each league. The label was cool with it, so I spent the extra time knocking out versions for every single team. Yikes! It was a hefty undertaking to get it done in the short time that was request. Aside from one little snafu on the CD of the WNBA versions it all went pretty smoothly. As of now, you’ll find all three as new releases up on iTunes. Do You Want To Play – NBA Mixes, Do You Want To Play – WNBA Mixes and Do You Want To Play – D-League Mixes.

If you’re a fan of a particular basketball team, chances are there is a version of the song specifically for you! That’s right all three of these collections are now available on iTunes as songs and as ringtones for your iPhone. Actually all of my songs are now available as ringtones for iPhones on iTunes. You should very well hear this song played at live basketball games starting this season! ** Interestingly the D-League versions are already selling out of Norway. Who knew they liked minor league basketball so much?

Next year I’ll tackle major league baseball, all of the NHL, all of the NFL and major league soccer.

The touring deal is thru the next step, sitting on pins and needles awaiting word of what’s coming for the next step. I hope to have news on it within days if not a week. Keep up a good thought for me.

In the meantime, spread the basketball love on iTunes!

Stay Tuned.