Writing group grows

Looks like Do You Want To Play is beginning to make sales at iTunes. I haven’t gotten any reports about fans hearing it at games, but it must be getting played. Go pick up the version for your favorite team now!

Co-writing has taken a new turn for me. Recently I pulled together a couple of peeps I was writing with and we creating a writing group. It consists of Brandon James, Femke Weidema, April Matson and myself. We’ve written three songs amongst the four of us, and also one additional song between three of us. We’re calling ourselves Alive & Loud. The consensus on the three songs by outside listeners is that it’s retarded how good the songs are. There’s a couple of really great opportunities that seem to be appearing on the horizon for Alive & Loud. So stay tuned on that matter.

I know most of the world seems to be getting the smack down on the financial front. Despite all the turmoil, it appears that a target date has finally been set for me in late November. For the tour support funding. I’ll obviously be ready to scream from the rooftop if this is correct. Keep good thoughts out for that to happen. I really want to take the music on the road and bring it to people.

While October is still around, I’ve been watching a lot of horror style movies. Kinda getting me in the mood to write something dark. May have to attempt an album of Halloween music or something now that I’ve done Christmas a while back.

Have a spooky month and I’ll check in again soon!