Commercial music

Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you but 2008 is a year I’m happy to say goodbye to. So let’s move on to what’s already starting to cook for 2009…

I’m branching into some new musical territory. First I’ve co-written my first couple of tunes for a commercial. My buddy Robert Navarro and I did the music for two new Butterfinger spots. In addition, I was asked to do the voice over. I suppose some voice over work is also in my future.

Next, I’ve gotten hooked into a company that does film trailers. What does that mean? Well, some of my musical talent will be creating music for trailers of movies that you’ll see at coming attractions. In fact I’m already working on a little clip for a movie coming out later this year. Exciting.

Cooking up more tracks/cues for Fox Sports.

Already did my first co-write of the year, thinking way ahead to next Christmas. Yeah, I said it. Another Christmas song. This one has a lot of raw rock and a lot of humor.

Robert & I are also creating some more tracks for some other peeps. Lots and lots of music. But don’t fear, I’m still crafting the songs that I’ve been talking about. Along with doing more co-writing with Femke Weidema and a few other friends.

I’ve started to play out in Los Angeles again after a pretty sizeable stay away. This time around it’s strictly for fun until I Maurice and I get the tour thing happening.

Until next time, enjoy yourself!