Hero Unexpected on radio

Little changes are a coming. First off I want to happily announce that I have a new PR point of contact. My new PR Goddess is Nina Grenningloh. You’ll find her contact info on my contact page. We’re in the process of updating information around here. Additionally we’re working on the campaign for the impending release of Hero Unexpected.
That’s right, you’ve heard about the song that’s causing a stir amongst the living. Well it’s finally going to see the light of day in a few weeks. Thanks to another goddess by the name of Shairah. Shairah will be heading up the radio campaign in Canada. Which is where Hero Unexpected will be making it’s debut shortly.
Hero Unexpected will be my first mega-single type of release. The digital EP will contain the original version of the song along with 5 remixes done by some hot remix artists including Robert Vadney, Liquid Vision, Chris Hellstrom, Jesse Stern, and Chris ‘Von Pimpinstein’ Carter.
A new promoter has joined the crew as well. So more shows will be getting booked.
Stay tuned as more exciting things are about to happen.