ProMax Audience Award

It’s been a crazy end to the year. A vast majority of the time spent between this update and the last update was in preparing a library of music…

The cool news is a song I co-wrote with Robert Navarro has helped a video win the Audience award at the ProMax conference. Here’s a little better representation of it: “A track of music by Navarro & Jody Whitesides called ‘Ripper Deck’, produced for Boosey & Hawkes’ Strip Sounds Library, won the Audience Choice ‘Battle Trax’ live promo competition at the 2009 PROMAX UK show.”

Additional bits of news include being hired to sing some movie trailers, finishing a song with Heather Bradley for a TV show and doing some cues for another trailer company.

The performance schedule has been unreasonably light this year, but little elves are telling me that will change for next year in 2010.

I hope you all have a great holiday season and New Year! See ya on the flip side.