iTunes Official Ping

It’s that festive holiday time of year again. The latest update in the online front is iTunes now features 90 second previews of my music that is over 2:30 in length. Christmas Brought Me You is a great example (especially in Grant’s Advent Calendar). Most clips now start at the chorus and play for 90 seconds – a great way to know if you’ll really love or hate a song.
Yesterday (12/09/10) marked the finishing of writing a CD of funk music with my good friend Jesse Stern. It’s been a project of fun and we’re happy to be getting it out into the world.
If you’re on Ping you ought to know I’ve got an official Ping profile: Jody on Ping. I’ve been posting video clips from an interview about Practical Insanity.
In the world of NFL music on Fox Sports – you’re now hearing my musical creations. Additionally Fox Sports is now making Do You Want To Play available to all their affiliates for use to promote games. It should be very soon that you’ll be hearing it used for that purpose.
My writing studio has been seeing a lot of attention as of late. More and more songs are making their way to completion. Pretty soon I’ll have a huge batch of songs finished in pre-production. At that point I’ll be looking for a select group of volunteers to spend time listening to the array of songs. If you’re interested contact me.
Have a great holiday season. Very best to you.