Funk with Jesse Stern

It’s been a rockin start to the new year. Funk Town, a collection of funk songs written by Jesse Stern and myself was completed and has made it’s way into the land of Fox Sports. We enjoyed the process so much that we’re taking on yet another project together for some high energy progressive rock tracks. We’re collaborating with Alfredo Herz on the project as well. So far we’re two songs in and it’s been a wild ride.
If you Ping, as in iTunes Ping. You can now find me at: doesn’t get much easier than that right? Ping me.
Paying attention to the sports world according to Fox? My music is now being heard in MLB, NBA, NFL, Pac-10 College Basketball and NASCAR. Pretty soon you’ll be hearing a lot more of it at your favorite stadium.
Currently in the studio producing tracks for the artist Kavi. As well, I’ve finished co-writing and producing a track called Keep The Swagg Up with Claude Woods Jr. Also co-writing a track with Greg Watton. As well a new song recently finished with Dutch artist Latisha Von Simon called Boys In Stereo.
In the film world I’ve recently scored music and sound for trailers including, The Lost Father, Fast and Furious Five, and The Lost Medallion. More trailers coming soon.
I’m starting to make headway in finishing songs for my next CD. It’s still going to be a little bit before I head into the studio for it, but I’m planning on finally getting a new CD out before the end of the year.
Stay tuned.