Summer sports

A crazy summer to be sure…
Fox Sports has been making great use of my music in the 2nd half of the MLB (Major League Baseball) season.
Tracking has finished on two projects. One involving Jesse Stern & Alfredo Herz. The other with Chris Hellstrom. Both projects are in the mixing stage. Pretty soon they should make nice additions to contracts I have in network TV.
Another track I did with Robert Navarro has been burning up the network airwaves: Not That Into You. Right now Robert and I are working on another project that should be completed by the end of September.
Love Out Loud, a track I co-wrote and produced for the artist Kavi is now in her hands. Keep an ear out for it. I’ve finished two co-writes with Claude Woods Jr. one is called Keep The Swagg Up, the other is Whipped. Two great Urban tracks that should be burning up charts in the future.
The most recent film trailer I’ve scored is: Father of Invention, starring Kevin Spacey. It’s a comedy and the trailer is out and about in the wild right now. For Apple users you can see it here: Father of Invention. For non quicktime users you can see it here: Father of Invention. I composed and produced all the music you hear in the trailer.
To top it off, I’ve been holed up in the studio feverishly finishing over 50 songs for my next release. Pretty soon I’m going to be calling upon you to help decide which of them should be definitely on it. Details on how that will work are coming soon.