Facts About Goats

There comes a time in each of our lives where we have to make a change. Something that will alter our karma. Such is the case with a new movie coming out in which David Duchovny stars. One of the important facts about Goats trailer is that the music was done by me. So click in and sit back for an interesting ride about coming of age in a strange family.

I had a hand in writing both songs. The first is known as Wired (co-written with Trudee Lunden), the second is tracked as Hidden Goat an instrumental track I was hired to create for the trailer.

The really amazing thing is that this trailer was released quite recently during the Sundance Film Festival. To add more trivia to the pot, there’s already several “remixes” and repostings of the trailer around the web. That concludes my little report on facts about Goats.


p.s. – if you’ve seen the movie, or do see the movie, let me know. I’ve yet to see it.

Father Of Invention

There’s an adage that states, better late than never. That is part of the story line behind this movie. Those words also fit the fact that I didn’t post this sooner. What this means is it’s my first appearance on Apple’s trailer website. I couldn’t be happier in that I did all the music for this trailer of Father Of Invention starring Kevin Spacey.

Here’s the link: Father Of Invention <- to the page at Apple’s Trailer Website.

If you’re more inclined to see it right here, then look below.


p.s. – if you’ve seen the movie, let me know. I’ve yet to see it and I’m a fan of Kevin Spacey.


As an artist with a vested interest in being able to make money with my art I understand the push to help protect IP rights. I’ve seen the protests online. I’ve heard some of the rhetoric flying around. I’ve even been sent an email that have the talking points of an organization that approves of it and why. However, I personally have not read it. Been a little too busy to spend time doing so. While I understand why a bunch of sites want to “black out” today. I obviously didn’t.

I didn’t out of the fact that I can’t go based on hearsay from both sides. The only way to stage a protest is to be informed and sadly – I’m not informed on this matter. Which is why I’m posting about this today. I respect you for wanting to go dark if you want to go dark. I respect you if you stay lit with your site.

Until I know the facts I actually have to sit this one out until I get time to read it.

Peace and hopefully the right thing gets decided on this.

Video From KPCW

KPCW decided to roll a little video with the interview I did with them recently. If you haven’t seen it already, it’s right here in this post. I would love to add it to my video page however, YouTube doesn’t allow one to do this unless they own the video. I don’t own it. But I’m happy to share it here with you all.

Please share it with your friends, tweet, Facebook, however you love to pass things around.

Create A Winning Fan Club Name And Win!

** Update – Contest has ended. Thank you for all your submissions! **

That’s right, you can help me create an awesome name for my insider’s club to my music. Lady Ga Ga has her Monsters, Maroon 5 has S.I.N. (strength in numbers), KISS has the KISS Army, Train has Trainline, John Mayer has (or had) Local 83, etc. You get the picture. Essentially I’ve got a temporary name in place over to the right column there (J-POP, for Jody’s Power Of People). However, I’ve found out that J-POP has a very different meaning in Japan and rather than stay with it, I’m looking to find something else that is fitting to the music and you the fan.

What do you have to do?

Put your thinking cap on and start coming up with simple ideas that promote the music, the fans, the idea of being healthy and being environmentally conscious. It’s primarily about the music, but if there is a way to combine those elements by keeping it short and sounding cool – then you may very well win. Enter as many ideas as you’d like. But for each entry you will need to provide a short blurb/essay about your entry to explain it what makes it cool.

You do have to sign up for my email list, if you’re not already on it [quick, painless, and the form is on the ride side of this page]. Once you’ve done that and when you have your entry ready email it via the contact page. Please use the Subject “Fan Club Entry”. You may earn bonus points for making a video about your entry, posting it to YouTube and linking it.

What is the deadline?

Entries need to be submitted by February 10th 10 p.m. e.s.t  (entries received after that time won’t be considered).

If there are multiple entries that contain the same name/term then it will be the first one submitted that will win the grand prize. Other entries will win a subsequent prize.

What is the winner’s prize?

The winning entry will get a copy of my entire released catalog.

If there are alternate winners, they will get a copy of a single song of mine of their choice.

When do I find out if I win?

The winner will be announced here on jodywhitesides.com on February 14th at 10 a.m. p.s.t. Cause I love you [in a purely adoring way].

What are you waiting for?

Starting brainstorming and get your entries in!

Get Your Pussy Cat Doll Exercise On

Who among us doesn’t want to get into better shape? Of course there’s a multibillion dollar industry geared towards fancy gadgets and pills to help lose weight and to look better naked. That’s the whole point right? To look better naked? I think so.

For those of us who prefer to workout at home while looking at hot women, there’s a new exercise regimen. This one is by the creator of the Pussy Cat Dolls. Ok, this program isn’t geared towards men per se, but it’s certainly worth watching your woman get into better shape right?

Why do I know about this?

That’s why.

I did the music for this little trailer. So get your PCD dance on and enjoy your way to a hotter figure!

Ring In 2012 Going For Gusto

Top of the morning to you on this fine Sunday day. Hopefully your hangover from last night’s festivities aren’t too severe. Chances are you’ll be sitting down to a bowl game for Football. Or maybe you’re in a resort town and getting on the ski gear to ski. Maybe you’re attending services at your venue of worship. Whatever your plans are on this annual day of renewal, I wish for your year to be one of positive forward movement. Get out into the world and go for the gusto. Make life happen.

That’s my motto. I know I’ll be updating things a little more frequently as well. In fact, I know that in a day or two, I’ll have some new video to show. So stay tuned.

Make sure you find your passion and attack it with vibrancy!