Morning Rays Music In A Commercial

I wanted to out a dirty little secret… Morning Rays music in a commercial that is running right now. It’s always a treat to create something and forget about it once it’s done. Which is essentially what I do with stuff I write for other people. Yes, I do create music beyond my CDs as much as I want to keep it a secret – it gets out.

Right now there’s a University called Capella University. They’re using a song I wrote called Morning Rays that is being distributed by APM. I happened to hanging out somewhere when all of a sudden I hear this melody that I co-wrote with Robert Navarro.

Here’s the video, as I had to go find it online since I’m a little vain in that respect…

Enjoy and let me know if you’ve caught this song in the commercial or have heard it somewhere else. I’ll feature you for informing me.


— Jody

Song Voting Coming To An End

There’s less than a week left in a cool little project of putting your ears to good use. I’ve been having you the Unity 42 fan to help pick the songs that will be presented on the next CD. It started with over 70 songs and has been an adventure getting them down to a studio manageable amount of 12. What I’m saying is song voting is coming to an end.

It will end on the 30th of June.

After which comes my process of going through the chosen songs to make tweaks to the arrangement, tempo, and any lyrical content that may need modifying. Once that’s done I should be heading into the studio with a band of friends to knock out the recordings. It’s exciting to have all this going on.

Thanks to everyone that has been participating. If you have participated yet – why not?

— Jody

More Soccer Goodness From Don't Kick The Baby

A little update for my side project known as Don’t Kick The Baby

Turns out that now the rest of the variations of Go Get The Goal are now available on iTunes and many of your other favorite digital superstores. I’m not sure how soon it will be gracing the streams of Spotify, Deezer and the like, but I’m sure it will be soon if it’s not already.

Make sure you tell your Soccer loving friends Stateside that they can get their favorite team’s version for the MLS. For all my friends across both ponds, all of England and Australia football teams are covered at the moment for their main leagues. More leagues coming soon. As are versions for foreign language teams as well.

Viva La Football, Viva La Soccer. <– not sure that’s the right phrase but roll with it anyway.

— Jody