Millions Of Listeners Via TV

Millions of Listeners

What’s it like to have millions of listeners of your music and yet a vast majority of them have no idea who you are? Well, find out if you’re one of the many. If so, now you’re aware of who I am and that’s a good thing.

Getting further and further with the reach of the recorded note. It’s the kind of thing that can make a musician smile, but at the same time wonder, how the hell can people find out who is the mastermind behind the sonic goodness that is filling your ear-hole when watching your favorite TV shows. I know it’s awesome to think of the fact that I’ve got millions of listeners via TV.

In no particular order, here’s where I’ve been getting heard on your favorite visual video box:

OH Sit!
The Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Design Squad Nation
American Digger
American Ninja Warrior
Angel’s baseball
Atlanta Braves baseball
Auction Hunters
All My Children
Bang For Your Buck
Brave’s Live
Big 12 Live
Beverly Hills 90210
Brothers & Sisters
Cardinal’s Live
Cowboys Game Night (NFL)
Detroit Tigers Live
Dodger’s Live
E! News
High School Scoreboard
High School Spotlight
How I Made Millions
Lonestar Conference Showcase
MLB Tonight
NASCAR Raceday
On The Fly
One Life To Live
One Tree Hill
Rangers Insider
Rangers Live
Samsung Mobile 500 Preview Show
Selection Sunday 12
Sportsday NFL Draft Special
Sportsday On Air
The Rundown
Tigers Live
Veronica Mars
Worlds Strictest Parents

Not bad. Not bad. The idea is for me to get more placements next quarter. I’m betting the news will be even better at that point. Meanwhile, I’ll be putting my brain into some new ventures that I’ll be sharing soon. Stay tuned. Same bat channel, Future bat time.

p.s. – if you’re finding this page due to being a fan of one of the shows, I implore you to join my email list, browse around the music page, and share amongst your friends!

Millions of Listeners on TV

Baltimore Ravens Fans Are The Bomb

Baltimore Ravens Fans

If you’re a Baltimore Ravens fan, then there is a good chance you’re aware of a little ditty I penned. Earlier today I wrote how I’ve never visited your fair city or state, but that doesn’t mean I love you any less. Especially when you’re snatching up that ditty for your favorite team. If you haven’t heard it, you can hear it by following this link to iTunes. Or by visiting the music page here on my site.

As it turns out, I’d love to walk out on to the field and lend my coin flipping abilities to determine the kickoff. I’d even give a command performance of the song Do You Want To Play for half time too for the same game. It would be a great opportunity to see the Ravens lay down some pigskin law and visit one of the places in the U.S. that I’ve yet to see. If you’re part of the Baltimore Ravens marketing offices, let’s chat and make this a reality. I do believe you’ll gain bonus points from your fans and of course it’ll make fun news bringing in a musician who isn’t any good at football. What do ya say?

Thank You

A big thanks to every Ravens fan who has purchased the song. I appreciate your team’s fandom and I ask that you introduce all your friends to Do You Want To Play – Baltimore Ravens and encourage them to get on the bandwagon.

baltimore ravens

Please leave a comment in the section below letting me know how you came across the Baltimore Ravens version of Do You Want To Play, and how you use it to get amped up about your favorite team in the NFL. Or maybe you’d like to put in your local expertise as to what things I should see when I make it your fair city.

Baltimore Orioles Fans Get It

Baltimore Orioles Fans Get It

I don’t know if this is really something I need to admit to Baltimore Orioles fans right now, but… I’m pretty sure I’ve never been to Maryland. I suppose I could ask my parents if they ever took me through the state as a wee little toddler. Somehow I’m going to figure the answer is no. Mostly because they were from Utah and brought me into the world via New York.

Don’t kill me. I do intend to visit sometime in the future. It’s part of my life list to visit all 50 states, I’ve been to and through many states, but Maryland has somehow still escaped me. This doesn’t mean it’s not in my heart as I’m well aware that Fans of the Orioles are snatching up their version of Do You Want To Play for the Orioles. This gives me added incentive to get there. Believe me it does. Hell, I’ll even put it out there that the peeps in the Baltimore Orioles front office should consider bringing me in for a first pitch situation and a possible 7th inning stretch song performance. That would be something Orioles fans would dig right? Seeing a musician attempt to toss a strike and then sing their team’s song, yes?

What would give me an added and more urgent sense of making that visit is to be invited to toss out the opening pitch, especially if it’s tied to performing the song for their awesome fans. It would be a special treat for everyone involved, plus I’d get the added bonus of seeing their lovely state.

Until then I’ll hold a little bit of warmth knowing that Oriole fans are diggin the song and showing it off to their friends when they buy Do You Want To Play – Baltimore Orioles. Enjoy their season.

baltimore orioles

Go ahead and comment below to let me know where you first heard Do You Want To Play – Baltimore Orioles. Then go on to tell me where in your great state I ought to visit to get a true taste of the culture that defines Maryland. Even better if you tell people how much you love the song. If you’ve not heard your team’s song, do it here via iTunes or here on my music page.

Atlanta Thrashers And Their Song

Bear with me my friends. I’m gonna embark on a little sports journey here over the next several days. I’m wanting to give a shout out to all the fans of different teams that are picking up their favorite team’s version of my song. This installment features none other than the Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL and their version of Do You Want To Play.

It’s been over a year since I’ve had the chance to get out to live hockey game. Sad but true. I do intend to get to one in this next season – not in the cards for me to do it now.

I’m not sure if the Thrashers or any NHL team has an opening ceremony type of thing they do, but if they do, I’m putting it out to the Thrashers that I’d like to open a game for them and even sing Do You Want To Play. Let’s make it happen.

Thanks to the Atlanta Thrasher fans for picking up the song – may you enjoy it for a very long time.

Atlanta Braves Baseball And My Music

It’s been a little while since I have personally walked the streets of Atlanta. But right now I’m a carrying a little smile on my face. Seems that the Atlanta Braves version of Do You Want To Play is gaining some traction there. That’s an exciting thing.

What would be super cool is if I suddenly got a call from the Braves office, where they invite me out to the field to throw out the first pitch and perform the song for all the amazing Atlanta fans.

If you’re a Braves fan and you haven’t picked up your copy of Do You Want To Play, what are you waiting for? Your friends have – it’s your turn.

Where I'm Being Found

It’s always fun to start seeing reports trickle in as to where people are buying up the music. Maybe more so now that I’ve seen Searching For Sugar Man. I don’t have the cult following that Rodriguez has, though at some point I believe I will. Until that day occurs, I will settle upon the new places I see each month for where my music is being purchased.

This past month I’ve seen the following countries taking in music by me:

South America
in the most general of terms: Europe
and of course: U.S.

No matter where you’re at, if you’re purchasing music I’ve created I’ll be grateful if you’re telling 3 friends to do the same. Your purchase of music is the type of thing that makes a musician happy they’re creating something of value.

Thank you!

Pachinko Games Am I

In the matter of getting the talent out and into the world, I have a little news about something I’ve done recently. I was asked to sing on a game soundtrack. I can’t tell you the name of the game, if I did, I’d have to kill you, then they’d kill me. Very James Bond 007 type of stuff. I can say it’s a game out of Japan and it’s the type known as Pachinko. Though I’ve never see a Pachinko game, I can say Pachinko games am I. Or at least my voice is.

Oddly enough I’m getting known for doing vocals for games in that part of the world. It’s interesting. It’s fun. It can also be rough on the voice.

The amazing march of technology allows the composers in Japan to Skype in to my studio. Where they can ask, watch, listen, and request for things as we’re recording the tracks. Going international thanks to video chatting!

I will say the music for this game is a bit heavier than most of the music I’m known for. Plus it’s very much in the heavy video game style of borderline metal mixed with dub.

When I’m allowed to give out the name of the game, I’ll happily post an update. Speaking of which, there is another game that I sang on a while back where I’m due to be getting the CD of the music very soon. When I get it in big hands, I’ll post about that one.