Apple Watch

apple watchApple introduces an Apple Watch. Earlier today, like many people, I took a little time off to sit and watch the Apple Event. Yes, I’m still an Apple nut. Hell all the new singles I’m stockpiling for imminent release were recorded on a multitude of Apple computers. So yeah, I pay attention. Of course if you’ve been listening to the rumor mill then you’d heard the iWatch was sure to unveil and sure to be like all other tech companies who rushed their watches out to market to “beat” Apple. Instead they got the Apple Watch.

As a disclaimer, I don’t wear watches. It’s not my schtick to do so. There’s so many clocks around, on the phone, in the car, everywhere you look, there’s a clock. Thus, I don’t have a strong desire for a watch. That being said, I can very much appreciate the detail and fine design that has gone into the Apple Watch. Do I really want one? No. Would I get one? Maybe. Would I wear it? I haven’t a clue, but I did end up buying one – I’d make sure to wear it.

I wonder if it will be like an iPad? Actually, I kinda wanted an iPad when they were announced. I could see the usefulness of it immediately. I’ve started reading a lot of books since I’ve had the thing. I used it constantly. I just don’t see why I’d want a watch that requires me to have my phone with me in order to use it. Why look at pictures on a tiny Apple Watch face when I could whip out my iPad or my iPhone and see it there on a bigger screen? Same can be said for music? It’s got an iTunes app. However, they don’t show where you listen – again, I think it’s tied to the iPhone, or other iDevices.

I suppose it will come down to whether or not I think it’s worthwhile to get an Apple Watch as a health tracker. Then again, the iPhone already does all this and more. *sigh*

The real cool/frightening thing that was announced was Apple Pay. In my own efforts to reduce the clutter in my pockets I’ve stopped carrying credit cards or a wallet. I have to remember when I need them. However, it would be extremely cool to have it tied to my phone. As Apple has now done with the upcoming iPhone 6 and iOS 8. Their feature is super cool. The consumer version of their security features sound great, but the reality is something we know nothing about yet. Hopefully we don’t start hearing stories of Apply Pay horror like the recent Apple ID hacks of naked celebrity photos that everyone thought was a direct issue with iCloud. Mind you, I went and deleted questionable photos of myself off my iCloud when it was announced