5 Things That Happened During Recording

5 things that happenedWhat are 5 things that happened during the recording sessions for Thump Thump Thump? Come watch a video clip that showcases 5 things that happened or were observed while we were in the studio recording. Huffington Post, eat your heart out! I only write that because they weren’t privy to the sessions, nor would I give them the exclusive that I’m giving you.

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5 Things That Happened


Where’s my dragon?
So I saw my first episode of Game of Thrones last night.
Oh, your first?
You’ve never seen it before?
No. And it was the latest episode.
What a great. Great show.
What kind of a mic is it again?
612 by Telefunken.
It is a Telefunken 612. Yes.
From the island of St. Croix.
it is funk. Like F, U, N, K. Funk.
Telefunken 612.
C12. Thank you.
It is a low impedance microphone if anyone ever asks you again.
I will keep that tidbit of information locked away in my head.
I was about to give up Logic.
The reason why I was about to give up Logic.
They hadn’t put an update out in years.
And they didn’t seem to really be caring that much.
Well you know as long as Apple is serious about Logic, I love the program. I would never go anywhere else.
Oh yeah!
Hey. Jazz!
Nothing says amateur more than an jazzy guitar licks on a guitar out of tune.
That’s just the worst.
Sorry to all Jazz players.
Just. For all those out there in YouTube land.
If you haven’t seen my silly video with T.C. Electronics…
Examining the PolyTune for the first time…
Search for me, you’ll find it on T.C. Electronic’s website.
And I look like a complete clown.