Eddy Cue Says Apple Music Will Think Different

Another Open Letter For Apple

Dear Apple & Taylor Swift,

A kind thank you goes out to Eddy Cue for taking swift action (pun intended), or rather reaction to the open letters from Taylor Swift and many other artists in regard to Apple about Apple Music and their non payment of royalties to artists during the trial phase of an account.

Here’s his three tweet response to Taylor Swift and Indie Musicians:

“@cue: Apple will always make sure that artist are paid ‪#‎iTunes‬‪#‎AppleMusic‬

@cue: #AppleMusic will pay artist for streaming, even during customer’s free trial period

@cue: We hear you @taylorswift13 and indie artists. Love, Apple”

Eddy / Apple Music obviously felt more of a sting from Taylor Swift than they did from musicians like me. For that, I am happy to have Taylor speak up about something all musicians should be more vocal about.

Personally I don’t allow my music to be on services that pay no royalty at all. While I can understand why others aren’t happy with Spotify’s freemium model – I actually like it. I’m very interested in seeing how Apple Music can differentiate itself from the herd and build a product people want to use.

In referencing what I tweeted last night: Thank you Apple, Apple Music @cue and Taylor Swift for Thinking Different. I appreciate that a company can see the forrest for the trees and make good for the very art they’re attempting to build their platform with. If only all the other services did the same thing. I only support those that do. However the streaming landscape pans out, I will have my music on the services that properly compensate artists and people use and pay for. That you can count on.

Thank you for reading this, supporting my music and I hope see you in the streaming future!