Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 has rolled up on us (my U.S. friends). What are some of the things I am thankful for this year?

Thanksgiving 2017

I am thankful that I have family who support my musical endeavors.

I am thankful that I have a gift in creating music for you.

I am thankful that I have fans that love what I do.

I am thankful that I have been able to recover (slowly but surely) from a large theft.

I am thankful for the team of people who are forming around my music.

I am thankful for the people involved with a music festival / conference I’m putting together.

How About You

What are you thankful for, drop me a comment.

p.s. – may you have a wonderful experience with your friends, family, and/or loved ones this day!

Reimagining I Want You To Want Me

If there is something I’ve learned – everyone wants to be heard by someone else; they also want others to want them. Have need for them. To love them.

There really isn’t a more definitive song about wanting others to want you than the infamous song penned by Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick.

I Want You To Want Me

I Want You

Actually I wish I had written this song. I’ve toyed with it for a long time. When I play it live solo acoustic, I slow it down and I stretch it out.

I tried recording it once.

Then I tried recording it again.

And again.

I was never quite satisfied with how I was conveying what I heard in my head as I interpreted the song.

Things Change

If you didn’t know, I’m working on musical endeavors outside of my artist persona. Thus I brought the concept of how to cover I Want You To Want Me to a co-producing friend of mine. We’ve been toiling over 30 original tracks for the past year and I decided we should heap on 10 more songs, 10 covers of classic hits in the style of our project. This is not something I would have considered even a year ago.

Last week I began rethinking and retracking all the parts, while I let my partner come up with a viable drum part and a few other odds and ends. The biggest trick was how to approach the vocals so that they became modern but were an ode to the era they came from.


Two days ago I finally finished the mix and got it mastered.

I want you to be able to hear it.

Turns out that friends who have already heard it have been saying things like:

“Dig this version!! Great vocals!”

“Love, love love how your voice sounds on this!”

“I just might love this better than the original.”

I’m not sure how soon it will come to the light of the world via streaming services or via a license for use. But I Want You To Want Me as reimagined by Razor Wire is definitely something you should hear. I hope it will be sooner than later.

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Malcolm Young

As you’ve probably heard, Malcolm Young passed away over the weekend.

Malcolm Young Guitarist

Before I even had an inkling of playing guitar (or any instrument for that matter), I had already felt the power of AC/DC. Staples of the party scene growing up with songs you hear at parties like Back In Black and For Those About To Rock. They are the kind of songs that drive people to join the legions of air-guitarists everywhere.

When I started playing guitar I assumed that Angus Young (Malcolm’s brother) was the mastermind behind such powerful songs. He was the focus, he strutted around in that school-boy outfit. It made sense to me. It wasn’t until later that I learned Malcolm was the real writing force.


I always appreciated how AC/DC was able to make heavy loud guitars sound like they belonged in everyday songs that could be anthems. There’s a lesson in every one of their thunderous hits and Malcolm Young certainly should be studied in music schools. For no other reason than what it takes to make a guitar stick in your head and never leave.

Jealous is too strong a word, but I am certainly hoping that at some point in I might be able to deliver a guitar song so filled with power that it becomes an anthem.


The world will sorely miss what future riffs could have poured out of Malcolm Young’s mind and fingers. RIP to one of the original gods of rock.