New Single Thump Thump Thump

New Single Thump Thump Thump

Thump Thump Thump dropped Friday August 19th 2016.

A labor of love that took a long road to fruition. I’m excited to finally have it out free in the world for you to enjoy. Interested in the lyrics and reading the liner notes? Click here.

Here’s the Spotify link:

See you on the road soon!

BTW – It features Jesse Stern on bass, and Erez Ginat on drums.

2016 Is Off To A Crazy Start

2016 NAMM

namm 2016
2016 is off to a crazy start.

It began with a quick set in Sebastopol CA just after the holidays. Immediately after that it was a quick stop home, then off to Los Angeles for the NAMM show. My favorite mass event to attend. Its like a Guitar Center on Steroids. For the 2016 NAMM I was only able to attend for a single day – the first day. In hindsight, it was a good thing. I made sure to zip thru the show and make face time with all my endorsements.

I did spot a couple of new things that caught my eye. One is the StageClix wireless system. The first one to operate on the 5.8GHz band. Plus it rechargeable with 100 meter range. Oh and it’s all digital.

The plugin that caught my eye was the E2 DeEsser. It appears to be a hyper intelligent DeEsser that can tell the EQ curve when to turn on and when to be off so that it is not effecting the rest of the track when it’s not needed.

I’m also going to be picking up the Trim Two by Radial. I’ll be sticking it inline after my Apollo Twin for my live performances going forward in 2016. In case you missed it, I’ve gone digital with my guitar sounds (acoustic and electric). But as I’ve already learned, my computer is often way too loud for PA output. Go figure! Thus the need for a highly transparent but durable direct box!

One other item I picked up was the Oasis Humidifier. Previously I’ve been using two humidifiers in my guitar case but they couldn’t keep up with the needs of the guitar. In steps the Oasis Humidifier and for 2016 my guitar will be keeping properly hydrated. Thanks guys!

I will also be adding the Telefunken M-80 to my vocal lineup in 2016. I need a kickin mic to do some of my looping parts and this mic will fit the bill nicely.

2016 Sundance

sundance 2016
Right after NAMM closed on Thursday I was back on the road and headed to Park City for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

It started with a very cool dinner put on by White Bear PR and SESAC. I got to hang with some amazing composers like John Swihart and Carla Patullo. We enjoyed some amazing food at Cafe Terigo and discussed all kinds of things from music to life.

Over the course of Sundance I did multiple performances at venues like The Spur and Flanagans. Audience reaction was favorable. To the point that I’ve been asked to score a film that is in the final stages of funding. I’ve also been asked to do some co-writing with some peers that I’d really like to write with. That’s an awesome thing!

One last perk is that a manager has decided to start courting me about managing me.

What’s Next

I’m in the midst of working out the next video for the new single Thump Thump Thump coming soon. Thanks to Sundance I’m seeing about the particulars of making it a VR video as well.

If you haven’t seen Nightwatch on A&E yet, what are you waiting for?

Nightwatch Theme On A&E

That day or rather that night has finally come! Nightwatch on A&E has its season 2 premier tonight and yours truly composed the music that opens the show.

Nightwatch Theme


You read that correctly. I wrote the opening theme music for the show Nightwatch on A&E – airing at 10/9c. Set your DVR now, save the show! Watch each week. Tell your friends to watch. Hopefully you don’t end up on the show in the future – and I really do mean that.

HIVE Teaser Trailer

HIVE is alive! You’ve seen pictures. I’ve blogged about it. Now you can see the actual device in this teaser trailer.


Get ready to hear the future of guitar tones, cause I’m taking this on tour in the near future.

Touch Nominated For Best Pop Song At UMA

Jody at uma best pop songIts always nice to get some recognition for the music I create. Recently I was nominated for Best Pop Song for the Utah Music Awards of 2015.

Best Pop Song

About a week prior to the event, I was contacted by the group putting on the awards and asked if I would be willing to introduce and announce the category for Best Soundtrack. I responded with a “Sure thing, I’d be happy to.”

Of course I told a few close friends and one of them asked – do you think they’re asking you because you’re not going to win your category? I wasn’t even thinking about it. But then I decided I’d go listen to the other songs that were nominated. One was a somber ballad. Another was an alternative rock song and the 3rd nominee was a folk tune. None of which really fit the category of Pop. I figured I was a shoe in and responded with nah.

Held at the Covey Center in Provo, it was like attending any other award show. People and musicians milling about, taking pictures, chatting and having a good time. I was given my card of nominees and the winner for Best Soundtrack just prior to the start of the event. I was given a seat front row center. I was feeling pretty darn good.

One thing I noticed about the awards was how fast they were burning thru the categories. Faster than any awards I’d ever been too.

It came time for me to head backstage to get ready to present for Best Soundtrack. When I was announced as the presenter, the announcer screwed up my name. WTF? ran thru my head as I walked out with mic in hand. Touch was playing in the loud system. and I walked out with a smile and proceeded to make a comment about doing music for soundtracks. Of course I’ve got experience with that.

I got a quick laugh with the off-the-cuff joke I made and on to the nominees I went. Reading out the names. I opened the envelope and announced the winner.

I was looking out into the audience and even asked if the artist was there.

The response was silence and then I was surprised by a video being played behind me of the winner making an acceptance speech video a pre-recorded video.

My thought as this happened? Thanks for informing me the winner wasn’t there and making me look like a moron on stage. Appreciate that one.

I got back to my seat and a couple of categories later, they announced the Best Pop Song. Read off the nominees and before the presenter could even open the envelope the screen behind him was showing the name of the winner and it wasn’t me. The presenter, clueless to the fact that he didn’t really need to read it, got his envelope opened and read the name. Odd that this was the only category of the night where that happened.

Was I disappointed? You bet. It sucks to lose. For a brief moment I wanted to go Kanye on the stage.

After the event, I did have several people question how the song that won was even classified as a pop song. What can I do? I didn’t have a hand in the voting or categorizing. I lost. But I will express it like this. I think I know how Metallica felt when they lost to Jethro Tull at the Grammys for Best Metal Album.

Touch Nominated For Best Pop Song

Touch-Jody-WhitesidesWaking up via an email in your inbox saying Touch nominated for best pop song is a pretty cool thing!

Touch Nominated For UMA

This morning my inbox contained an email from the Utah Music Awards, kinda like the Grammys for Utah, stating that Touch (feat. Jacarri) would be up for an award come this September for Best Pop Song. That’s enough to help get this week started off on a good foot.

UMA Header

Makes a musician/producer feel like all the hard work putting a lush pop song is worth the effort. Next up is submission for the actual Grammys. Yup, Touch will be in the initial voting round for the 2016 Grammys. Fingers crossed it can garner enough votes to break into the nomination round. Anyone willing to hold their breath for me?

Its gonna be an interesting week as other big changes are about to occur.

Stay tuned.

Moving Into The Lead

Moving Into The Lead

There’s a little event coming up called the Utah Music Awards. My single Touch has been entered into the process for Best Pop Song and for Best Music Video. There’s an ancillary award called the Audience Choice Award. Currently Touch, as I write this post, has been moving into the lead. But there’s a hot contender that is moving up fast.

Awards events can be a massive boost to the ego, or they can be a massive drain on the ego. I’ve won in the past for my song Falling In. That was a such a cool feeling. I’ve also been in the prelim rounds of the Grammys. I’d really like to make it out of the prelims and into the nominations round.

There’s an awful lot of work that goes into making people aware of the music being voted on. I’ve got a couple of friends that have won Grammys and its essentially becomes a full time job sending out the music, making friendships, calling in favors, and generally asking people to look out for your music – then vote on it. A lot of moving parts that have to coordinate.

Utah Music Awards Audience Choice Vote Here

Hit the link, throw a vote on it and help boost my ego a little bit. I’ll be a sour Jedi Knight, ala Anakin, if I lose to a cover song from a two year old movie.

Best Laid Plans

Sometimes the best laid plans don’t go as envisioned. I was hoping that the label and the distributor would get both versions of Touch released in due time that all services would have it on launch day. Maybe that’s only reserved for the big boys and girls like Taylor Swift or Imagine Dragons. We all start somewhere right?

What am I referencing? Spotify.

Spotify Plan

Yes, I’m an advocate for Spotify, and other streaming services that are on the up and up for paying artists. Today marks the day that Spotify got one of the versions of Touch on their site. A week late from the actual release. Apparently they windowed themselves with their own plan. So far it’s only the explicit version that has reached the Spotify service. Better late than never. Though now I wonder if Spotify’s plan to wait another week to release the ‘clean’ version of Touch. Who knows?

If you’re a Spotify user I apologize for the delay, it was out of my hands. Hopefully you’ll be into sending the song out to all your friends and Spotify network.

My next step is working on getting into Rhapsody’s hands. I’m very interested in the new plan they’ve got going with Twitter. Instant audio cards that can be shared on Twitter without the need for a Rhapsody account, and somehow we artists still get paid. Someone finally cracked the nut on making music a more sociable sharing event via Twitter. Makes me wonder if Spotify will follow suit.

Time will tell.

Enjoy Touch on Spotify!


Touch Is Here

Touch-Jody-WhitesidesMaking good on the threat of a new look to the website, Touch is here. As of 12:01 this a.m. I’ve spotted Touch being available on iTunes and Amazon. I’m told Spotify, and other sites should be live with it today. As should the video be on VEVO / YouTube sometime later today.

Touch Is Here

As soon as I find out the link for Spotify & VEVO, I’ll be linking more places of where Touch is on the Touch page. There will be updates occurring throughout the day and the next day or so as all the links become available to me. Kinda weird launching a song on a specific day and then still having to wait to see it go live like everyone else.

My desire is when the next single launches, they all are able to coordinate their times. We can all wish right?

Another launch today is episode one of Inside The Recording Studio also launches today. Meaning, you can now start the journey of how Touch got recorded, piece by piece.

p.s. – stay tuned because in the not too distant future I’ll be announcing how you could win something extremely cool via a geocache hunt.

New Look Coming

jody-whitesides-easter-eggThere’s a new look coming to the world of A fresh and different approach to the “dot com” is coming. Its got me a bit excited. Mostly because its going to be way more mobile oriented – yet still look really good on a full size desktop computer.

New Look

New look of more simplistic lines. Easier way to get to the music. Plus a little animation here and there. And the better part – an easier menu with less options. And a nice Easter egg to look at for those that hit a wrong link. All in good fun. Plus we’ll start tying all branding to each new single when they launch.

Stay tuned, more good things to come. Check back March 10th for the new look at my digs.