Writing group grows

Looks like Do You Want To Play is beginning to make sales at iTunes. I haven’t gotten any reports about fans hearing it at games, but it must be getting played. Go pick up the version for your favorite team now!

Co-writing has taken a new turn for me. Recently I pulled together a couple of peeps I was writing with and we creating a writing group. It consists of Brandon James, Femke Weidema, April Matson and myself. We’ve written three songs amongst the four of us, and also one additional song between three of us. We’re calling ourselves Alive & Loud. The consensus on the three songs by outside listeners is that it’s retarded how good the songs are. There’s a couple of really great opportunities that seem to be appearing on the horizon for Alive & Loud. So stay tuned on that matter.

I know most of the world seems to be getting the smack down on the financial front. Despite all the turmoil, it appears that a target date has finally been set for me in late November. For the tour support funding. I’ll obviously be ready to scream from the rooftop if this is correct. Keep good thoughts out for that to happen. I really want to take the music on the road and bring it to people.

While October is still around, I’ve been watching a lot of horror style movies. Kinda getting me in the mood to write something dark. May have to attempt an album of Halloween music or something now that I’ve done Christmas a while back.

Have a spooky month and I’ll check in again soon!

Forward thinking

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing many of you on the road this year.

Hero Unexpected finished

Hero Unexpected is finished. I will be releasing as a single in the near future for purchase on digital download sites.

To all the American fans, have a great Thanksgiving holiday. I hope all goes well with your family and friends, or whomever you spend the holiday with.

If you’re already in the Christmas Spirit and are looking for new Christmas songs as well as new versions of your old standby favorites, then look no further. The Christmas music I was so deeply entrenched in last year is now available on iTunes and also at CD Baby as digital downloads.

Or you can go to these direct links on iTunes:

Christmas Past

Christmas Present

Christmas Future

You can hear examples of all the songs in the mPod to the right, or via the music page (link is on the left).


Hero Unexpected has been posted on my blog Single of the Day.

In addition it is currently in the hands of a major TV show. I’ll make sure that I keep everyone informed when good things come of it.

There has been word in the ether that the funding has finally been approved for touring and promoting Practical Insanity. I should be getting final status on that any day now. What a long trip that has been.

Stay tuned.

New co-written songs

New songs starting to be finished. In the past several weeks I’ve finished three songs with co-writers. Goose Bumps (sorta in line for the Halloween holiday no?) with Jan Linder-Koda and Heather Bradley; And You’re The One with Johnny Elkins; Jupiter Bowl with Mark Luna. In addition, I’ve also finished Hero Unexpected.

And You’re The One & Jupiter Bowl are already making the rounds for licensing, which is fantastic. Hero Unexpected will be getting pushed to a network next week. Should prove to be interesting.

Meanwhile, I’m working with Marvin and Maurice to push for tour dates heading into the fall/winter season. I’ve got restaurants who are now collecting their used veggie oil for me which is a great time saver. Go green baby!

Stay tuned. More things coming soon.

October Rocks

Silence is deafening…

Here comes Halloween, thus that’s the reason for the color change around here. While I don’t have any scary music yet available, it is probably time I write a little scary something. So here it goes:


Co-writing adventure

It’s been a while since I’ve made any updates…

I want to thank everyone who’s been enquiring as to my whereabouts and as to what’s been going on. It’s been a trying time. I’ve had some deals in the works that were supposed to have me out on tour opening for a major band back at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately things went awry and I’ve been left working on putting things back together in another order. The good news is, I’m very close to being able to make a big announcement. Until then, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

While I’ve been working on all that, I have been writing lots and lots of new songs. I’ve got 37 new songs which will eventually become the 10 or 12 for the next release. The recording of one is nearly finished and if everything goes well it could end up on a major TV show this coming season (fingers crossed).

I’ve also been writing some children’s songs with Jan Linder-Koda and Heather Bradley. That I believe I’ve mentioned before. We’ve got two finished and are about to start a third. Peanut Butter is the first, Goose Bumps is the second. You can hear Peanut Butter on my Single of the Day blog.

In addition, I’ve finally written my first song with a songwriter who has already had a couple of hits! Mark Luna and I have created a song called Jupiter Bowl. We’re done with the first demo version which can be heard on Single of the Day. We’re going to make a couple of tweaks to it before we call it finished, but it’s very close. Like the song I wrote for TV, there’s the possibility that something good is already going to happen for Jupiter Bowl (fingers crossed).

Again, thanks for checking in on me and check back real soon.

iTunes has live like I'm rich

Now available on iTunes “Live Like I’m Rich” from the Material Girls movie starring Hillary Duff! That’s right it’s finally up and available for purchase at iTunes and soon your favorite digital download store. Here’s the link:

In addition, if you’re interested in my song Do You Want To Play and all it’s different versions are now available on iTunes as well:

I’m still doing a ton of writing and demo recording whilest I’m waiting on the touring and funding to come in. The new stuff is going to kick ass, you’ll just have to wait and hear later.

Retooling songs

The April showers have brought on May flowers… Well sort of. At the moment whilst I’m waiting on some business things to fruit for touring, I’m busy writing lots of new songs for the next CD (no date for anything on that, just doing lots of writing). I’ve already got 26 songs mapped out. Eventually I think I’ll have some 40 songs to sift through by the time I’m actually done with Practical Insanity and off the road.

I’ve also been writing some material with Jan Linder-Koda and Heather Bradley. So far we’ve got a couple of songs geared for kids. One is called Peanut Butter and is very catchy. We’ll be pushing it to the likes of Sesame Street and other venues. Could even push to license it to a major peanut butter maker. We’ll see. We picked up jodyjanandheather.com to be the official site and name of the group.

The writers of the song Live Like I’m Rich (from the movie Material Girls starring Hillary Duff) have agreed to release the song digitally to iTunes, and other digital outlets. I know that it’s already been sent off, I’m just waiting word on when it actually hits iTunes. So when I know, you’ll know. For any Hillary fans wanting to find it, you won’t need to wait much longer. Same goes for all the fans that contacted me wanting to get this song.

In addition, I wrote a sports anthem called Do You Want To Play. Originally it was for the Women’s Professional Football League. It never got off the ground. I’ve recently re-recorded it. Gave it a more rocked out feeling, a little heavier, and re-wrote the lyrics to fit several sports leagues like the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, and a few local Los Angeles teams like the Lakers, the Clippers, and the Kings. I’ve put the collection of them together to be released on iTunes and they should also be available before the month is out. I’ve even clipped out the hook so that you could purchase it and make it your phone’s ringtone.

Earth day

Celebrating Earth Day.

I know that I’ve recently planted some trees and of course the tour bus has been converted to run on Used Vegetable Oil. How about you? What have you done to promote keeping Earth Green and to prevent Global Weirding?

I’ll have more musical news in the near future.

Have a great day and enjoy being Green.