Practical Insanity Transcriptions


Notation & TAB of Practical Insanity guitar & bass parts [PDF]


You love the album, now you can get the exact transcriptions for all the bass & guitar parts to Practical Insanity.

Much of the guitar playing on this album was my transition from doing elaborate progression rock playing into a more straight ahead pop and rock style. Where the song was king and not the actual intricate playing of an instrument. Despite that, there is still plenty of guitar tricks to keep one busy and possibly twist your fingers in a knot. Same with the bass, the rhythm and timing were essential to the arrangements.

In a couple of the songs, the key signatures are approximate and based more around a concept known as Pitch Axis. Where the “home” base note is kept, but the mode shifts around it. Again a holdover from my early music that was much more progressive. Also, pay close attention to the swing feels mentioned at the front of some of the songs – the vibe in a lot of them is not straight but rather swinging.

I still use such concepts in the very much more pop style I’m doing today. As the saying goes: Pop isn’t always progressive, but you can’t always take the progressive out of the player. Ok, it isn’t a saying, but it should be.

Please don’t blame me if your fingers get sore attempting to recreate my madness as originally recorded.

The downloadable link contains all the written notation as well as the TAB. The best of both worlds for those that know one or the other as their primary means of learning to play guitar or bass.

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